There was just something about her...

He couldn't gt over it. maybe it was the glint in her eyes, the way she smiled at the most startling things, rolled her eyes at all the right times. There was always just such a cuteness he couldn't overlook when he saw her. She gleamed with innocence, and innocence he knew wasn't really there, but so strongly was it always present. He hated it, but loved it so much. When she looked over at him he turned away quickly, avoiding her eyes. The colors in them changed constantly. He knew this, all too well after staring in them for what felt like an eternity as she tried not to fall asleep in math. She jolted up when she noticed him and as always he broke off and looked away. He heard her giggle at this and then noticed she took out a book. She had a different one almost every day. He knew her evilness. Maybe that was what it was. Good guys are always attracted to the bad girls, aren't they? but was he really as good as he looked? On one of the few occasions she talked to him, during group work one day, she had asked him this. The teacher had assigned the groups and they were the only group of two. They finished early. No surprise there. But what did surprise him was her curiosity of him. She asked a few questions and giggled at a few of his responses. He didn't get a chance to reply to the last question though, the bell rang. She looked back at him and grinned, throwing her messenger over her shoulder said, "get back to me on that one, 'kay?" He nodded sullenly and gathered his books. "So, Haku, are you really as good as you appear to be"

"Haku? Haku!" Haku jolted up at his name and out of his daze. He looked up and flushed at the teacher in front of him. "Well, Haku, what is your opinion"

"um, uh, sorry, ma'am, on what?"

"Stay with us, please, Mr. Yagimi." she said annoyed, making no attempt at having him give a response of his opinion on the still unknown matter. "Ms. Ryuuhana, would you please enlighten us with your opinion"

"Um, well, i think that it's kinda dumb... i mean, if... " her voice was naturally soft spoken and hard to hear, the fact that she got nervous in front of groups was to no avail in helping the matter "If they would just make better use of it all, then there wouldn't really be a problem... I can't feel sorry for them if it's their own fault"

"I agree with her" said Amy, one of the louder girls in the class. She sat in front of her and was probably the only person to hear her. Before the teacher could ask them for an elaboration the bell rang. He bumped into her on the way out the door. She looked up, her face still flushed from having to speak up in class. He smiled slightly and mumbled a sorry. She quickly walked out the door.