Tyler's hair caused it all to happen. His hair made him an outcast, and I doubt our connection would have been as strong if he hadn't been one. If he was part of the in crowd, we probably still would have met, but he wouldn't have looked twice at me.

I don't mean to insinuate that I think I'm ugly. The reason I think that he wouldn't have looked at me twice, is because I wasn't and I'm still not, popular. It was more intense in eighth grade, though, since that was the year I made Candace—the queen bee of the social scene—angry.

I strolled into science, down the isle to my table, counting the eight tables as I passed, and halted a foot away from the table. There was someone at my table, the table that I share with no one. What the frick was he doing at my table?! It's mine. It even has my name carved into it.

The guy sitting at my table pulled down his hood. It was the new guy, and his sitting at my table made sense. He was new, therefore he didn't know that I was the social leper, and that if you had anything to do with me, you were ostracized.

I swung my backpack down onto the floor in one smooth motion, and put my hands on my hips, before I turned to the guy.

"Honey?" he looked over at me, as if making sure that I was addressing him, before turning his head slowly back to meet my gaze.

"What?" he growled, his eyes were spitting fire at me, but I noticed that there was something under the fire. He was curious. He was wondering why I was there, just like I was wondering why he was there.

"What are you doing at my table?"

The new boy was attractive, surely someone had asked him to sit with them, so what was he doing at my table? What was he doing sitting here alone?

"Nobody was here, and I wanted to be alone. So, I sat down here, it was the only empty table. Problem?"

"No, but I suggest you move. If you don't sit by me, everyone might forget about you talking to me." I told him simply, "If they do you could still have a chance at being deemed socially acceptable. 'though….They might not like the blue hair."

I ran my eyes over his hair appreciatively.

"I don't think I'd stand a chance being deemed acceptable to anyone at this school. You should have seen those bitches freak when they saw my hair!" he laughed, and I smirked, before sitting down next to him.

I glanced around the classroom, and heard the whispers of "Oh! Look at what the new guy just did! If he had decided to sit with someone else and not stayed there with her he still could have had a chance with our group."

"I hope you enjoy being an outcast, because I think I just condemned you."

He glanced over at the popular girls.

"Hey you, gossip bitch!" he yelled across the room, Kara, the redhead who had been whispering loudly, looked up, startled that someone had actually called her on her gossiping.

Kara rose slowly from her seat, and did the 'model walk' over to us. "Me?" she asked

"Yeah you! Unless you weren't the one who said 'Oh! That hot punk is so stupid; he could have had a chance with on of us!'?" he used this hilarious voice that sounded like the stereotypical voice of a major airhead, that made me bite the inside of my cheek to keep from laughing.

Kara looked taken aback.

"Yeah, I was. So what? That's all true, if you hadn't stayed by her when she sat down you could've had a chance with one of us." Kara glared at me. I smiled at her, Glare all you want Kara, because I know what really happened.

"Who said that I would even want to date someone. . ." He cut himself off. He gave her a thorough once over and let disgust wash over his features. ". . .someone like you. Gross."

"Oh so that thing you're sitting next to is more your type?" Kara stuck her nose in the air and glared at him.

I broke in; time to snuff the candle.

"Kara, please refrain from making your pathetic attempts to insult me. I honestly do not care what you, Candace, or any of your group think of me. So go whisper something about how I'm a whore, and a bitch. Go lie, go tell someone I slept with him before class, I don't care, just go, leave" I waved my hand dismissively.

Kara opened her mouth to reply, but the teacher walked in, sending her scurrying back to her seat. Poor stupid whore, I pity you.

"Is she always like that?" the new boy whispered to me.

"Pretty much, yeah." I confided.

He just nodded, smirking.

"Tyler," he said, sticking his hand out.

I slowly reached out and shook his hand, moving only my forearm up and down. "You'll just have to wait and find out."

His navy blue eyes lit up, sparkling as he chuckled.

"You're going to make me work for it aren't you?"

"Of course, why wouldn't I?"

He mulled that over, for a few seconds. "You would never have thought that that question would be hard to answer, but for some reason it is, incredibly so."

"I'm-," I started

"Is there anything you two would like to share with the class?" our teacher asked.

"No." Tyler answered.

"I could give you a detention for speaking out of turn…" she trailed off threateningly.

"Please don't," he smiled charmingly, "I just moved here, and was trying to get to know my lab partner. Our table partner is our lab partner, right?"

"Yes, but that does not constitute a disruption of the class. No more talking you two." she addressed the rest of the class sternly. "This goes for the rest of you as well. If you talk while I'm talking, detention."

I looked over at Tyler, and saw that my smile was mirrored on his face. He opened his mouth, but I shook my head, Ms. Karlogna meant business.

We would just have to chat after class.

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