Roswell, New Mexico

Space, the final frontier… For thousands of generations mankind has been fascinated with it. Alien life forms, exotic new worlds, and advanced technology are what man has thought of when they look upon the stars, millions of sentient life forms in one galactic civilization. This is not a story of mankind's first step to the stars, but more of the opposite, alien kind's first step onto earth; this is Roswell, New Mexico…

Earth Date: July 4th, 1947, Area: Outer Solar System, mainly Pluto

"Sir, we have detected one planet supporting life!" a tall alien yelled, running out of a room. It was Insectoid, and he showed a report of a planet's atmosphere, and a blue green orb, known by the inhabitants as earth.

"What is the civilization Phrase?" an Alpha Centaurian asked. They were both Alpha Centaurian. This one was known as 'Telekornis,' which means 'The Leader.'

"Phrase Three, sir! They just left a nuclear bombing about two years ago, and they have many Alpha Proxamian technology. Shall we send a probe to the surface?"

"You know the law. We cannot interfere with a primitive species, but send a secret agent. Have him disguise himself as one of them and write a report on their behavior," Telekornis stood up. "I want to see if they might be able to enter Phrase Four.

"Yes, sir!" the Alpha Centaurian ran out of the room again and into another room were there were three pods…

Three Earth days later, Telekornis was walking in front of a group of Greys, a telepathic species capable of psychokinetic powers. "We are sending you to the planet earth. You will use you psychokinetic powers to make the humans think you are one of them while you learn anything you can about them. We have chosen a desert to be your landing zone; as it still has natives, we want you to use your cloaking fields. Any questions?"

"No, sir!" the Greys said in unison. They lived to learn. This was a great day for them.

"Good, we have the coordinates in the pods, and it will take about three galactic weeks to get there," Telekornis said as he left the room. Three galactic weeks would be one day after today on the earth he knew, and tomorrow earth would have a weather balloon test. They knew from the reports no one would suspect a thing.

The Greys each opened the pods with their minds. It was easier for them because of the enlarged mental lobes of their grains and small motor skills lobes. They used their minds a lot. They got in the pods. Made out of a lightweight material they would easily glide through the atmosphere with no or little problems. How wrong they were; oh how dreadfully wrong they were.

BRRRWWWWW!!! The pods flew out of the starship's pod launchers and shot toward earth. In one day, thee first contact would begin…

July 8th, 1947.


The pods flung into the earth's atmosphere. Heating up, they smacked through a cloud. There was a sudden slowing. The stabilizers turned on. They crashed on of the weather balloons.


Another of the pod's stabilizers gave out, and it fell to the hard ground in New Mexico desert also.

The remaining pod started to wobble. It was slowly losing its stabilizers also, but it was about to land. The Grey was using his telekinesis to slow it down, stabilizing it. It took a lot of concentration. Slowly it started to break apart. Knowing that the pod was about to hit the ground and probably kill the Grey, the Grey grabbed one of the hovercraft brand lifeboats, and jumped out. "THIS REMINDS ME OF RAGUSAL 5!!" he yelled. He was named Gretulx, and he was a Species Studier. He lived to study other species.

Slowly, the hovercraft brand lifeboat slowed to a stop, and Gretulx jumped out. The lifeboat flew into space, just as it was supposed to do.

Gretulx looked around. He saw the bodies of the other two Greys, dieing on the ground. His pod it the ground, and he talked mentally with them for the last time before The Great Time of Passing when the soul of a Grey leaves its body, and is passed onto the other side. "I'll miss you guys," Gretulx said mentally.

"We will too," the other Greys thought back. They were leaving to the unknown, maybe to be never seen again. It was illogical to think something will happen defiantly, so they didn't. Slowly their consciousness vanished, and their bodies turned cold, icy cold. The coldness of death swept over them.

A tear fell from Gretulx's eye, or would have if he could produce tears that is. He walked off. The bodies were limitations to his species. They lived their body lives in misery, but once they died, they supposedly went to a logical complex of time and space. They knew it as The Great Place of Knowledge. He was only sad since he would never see them again, or at least in his life.

As Gretulx walked into a town, he saw a farmhouse, and in it, a man, a human man. "The life on this planet," he figured, making a mental image around him of the human species, having himself look like a human. He had brown hair and red skin now. He looked sort of like a regular human male, except he had dark blue eyes.

Gretulx walked into the town and saw a TV. He mentally noted it, and kept walking. "Very primitive for Phrase Three," he thought. On the TV was a report about chimpanzees using tools and theory of evolution. This theory was something that the entire galaxy knew was a hard solid fact due to the use of camera probes that witnessed the evolution of an insect, of which took over a million years to have recorded, but was just speed up on the holonews network. The original and un-sped-up version was on the Holoweb, and some individuals had the time of a possible billion-year life to watch it.

60 Earth years later…

The date is July 4th, 2007; the Alpha Centaurian star ship is approaching Earth. Telekornis was walking down a hallway. "I want the reports now."

"Sir, Gretulx hasn't been able to contact us since he crashed, remember?" an Alpha Centaurian said.

"Then have the ship approach the planet and have the cloaking field up. We don't want to break the Primitive Species Act."

"Yes sir!" Turn the cloaking field on all wavelengths, full power! Prepare for invisible and undetected landing on earth!" the Alpha Centaurian yelled, running off.

Telekornis smiled; or would have if his species' physical features would allow it.

Meanwhile in a familiar little town in the middle of three counties…

"So, I was walking, and a giant UFO just flew by my house!" Tom said. Tom and Gretulx were in the local bar and grill, the Iron Horse, playing a game of cards. The card game was one that Gretulx said was from his home country, it was commonly known has trejuks, sort of like a cross between poker and king's corners. 'None at all' was how much Tom knew or thought Gretulx was an alien. Tom was a regular human. Alien abduction cases and UFO sightings were a normal part of Tom's life for at least the last two months. Two months ago a huge wage of UFOs flew over the town, and sightings had been setting the government on fire. The media kept saying it was flying saucers, while the government denied it was aliens, just like in project Blue Book.

"Really? A star ship or do you think it was a war craft?" Gretulx asked. Gretulx had told people he was from Campodia, whenever he was asked about his home country. Everyone assumed he meant Cambodia but it was actually Campodia. Or at least on earth, it was his home world and country in reality.

"I'd say it was a war craft. It was round, egg-like, not saucer-like ya know, and it had a jet engine-like exhaust making it move at speeds I've never seen in my life!"

"I have to go," Gretulx said, running out the door. If it were a true Alpha Centaurian surveillance probe, they would fly by with a cloaking field, but again it might not be really happening. He got his hopes up for escape from earth, despite his logical self. After sixty years on a primitive world, you tend to get less logical.

"Hey, Gretulx, where ya going!?" Tom yelled, running out of the Iron Horse.

"I'm going home! I think I know what's happening!" Gretulx yelled, suddenly vanishing using his mind.

"My word, he's an alien," Tom breathed, fainting.

Location: Near earth orbit

"Prepare to land. We have located the landing spot of Gretulx," Telekornis said as he just kept walking. His compound eyes not blinking at all. His insect wings not beating at all. "And get the Anti-gravity suits ready." All insectoid life forms need an anti-gravity suit when on regular-gravity worlds like Earth.

"Sir, yes, sir," the crewmembers said as the ship started to descend…

Meanwhile in Roswell, New Mexico…

Gretulx was running at full pace. He was using his mind to speed himself faster by a mile or two per hour every so often. He needed just one more mile and he'd see the ripple of the ship. He saw it; he was about to find a way back home. This world has advanced in the last sixty years, yet it was primitive, just scraping the Phrase 4 requirements.

Gretulx saw a cloud of dust, and suddenly used his mind to teleport himself to it. Just above him, was an Alpha Centaurian World-class Starship opening the hatch, and he saw Telekornis walk out.

"What took you? We need the report now?" Telekornis said with a hint of anger.

"I'll give it to you gladly."


Gretulx followed Telekornis back onto the ship, which started to launch off the planet after it turned invisible again.

"You see, they are advancing at a fast speed, but they will most likely kill each other soon. They've entered the Bio Age. If they survive, we will be able to get them to Phrase Five, and then they will be able to enter the Star Age and be at Phrase Six as they invent their warp engine and are able to join our society. They are currently mildly violent, especially compared to the people of Draco, but in a while they'll be unified, due to the past wars, two world wars, a war on terrorism, and helping young ones in Africa," Gretulx paused. It seemed the report wasn't pleasing Telekornis. "In other words, we only need to wait two or three more of their centuries, or fifty galactic centuries."

"Good. What about the other species of the planet?"

"Well, another species is finally reaching Phrase One. In the time it takes humans to reach Phrase Six, there will be a Phrase Six and Phrase Three species, commonly known as chimpanzees."

"That is very interesting. I'm sure that earth will be very valuable some day,"

The Starship's Warp Engine kicked into effect, bending time-space around the ship, and it left the Earth System, at least until the 25th centaury…

As Gretulx watched time-space bend, he remembered teaching the game trejuks, and learning there are seven continents on earth. He would miss earth, luckily his race had a lon life and he'd be able to see earth again most likely…

I wrote this for the Wayne State College Liteture Festival, and finally got it put onto FictionPress. I hope you all liked it.