In His Name

He says: "Admit to me:
That you want it!
That you need it!
That I need to be inside you,
So you will feel alive,
Held and loved

He says: "I am here!
And I will always come back,
To ask you
All the same questions,
Because I know,
Everything you need…

…And I run,
to save my life,
To save my love I have to give,
To the one,
I can't find.

But I hear him,
Who says:

Admit it
Admit it

So tired,
Just too tired,
To fight back,
To make it all go away…

He smells of my fears,
Of sweat, and dirt,
Full of bitter tears,
While I feel
Spine chilling
Just to get me
To admit!

As I close my eyes,
To repent
All the sorrow and
Silent suffering,
I indeed in need
Tell him to
Fuck off!

And I close my eyes,
I pray:
"Lord, stay with me
Please, stay with me
And make me whole

…My Brother
Knocks me down,
Holds me tight,
And lets me fight,
Protecting me,
Would take this bullet,
Talking to me,
To not give up;

"Don't you ever give up,
On our love
For you…"

Do I die?
Or do I live?

You know,
Sometimes Death tries to be kind:

He will ask you first….