there's a girl i know

gone now to a place that only existed on a map to me,

thirty burning days and nights away—

somewhere i can barely imagine with saltsandsea shores like

she talked about before she


(my mind sees her falling into ethereal summer-sky nights

with stars so close she dared to catch them in her hair; she's got


in her jeans,


left over on her fingertips, and some


nestled in her ear so she can

d a n c e

straight into the ocean,

beautiful like she doesn't even know

the world is watching and singing along…)


& the closest i can get to her at home is writing

i miss you

in letters sent past the edge of my summer world into hers.





a/n: Written for, well, "a girl i know." She went away for a month this summer and I missed her like crazy. She's been back for awhile now, but this came to me just this morning. It's dedicated to her, and she'll know it's for her. :)