Blood And Romance

I woke up in somewhere I did not recognize. Last thing I remember me and Aaron were fleeing the town, because we were going to be killed. Aaron didn't tell me all the details he just said that when we are safe he'll explain everything. I observed my surroundings. I sat up off the bed and squinted my eyes. The room was made of brown brick wall, and a fireplace right in front of me. The fireplace kind of gave the room a home touch to it, it made me feel a little better. The floor was poorly painted gray and had cracks in them. I started to smell something really good. It smelt like the pancakes mom used to always cook me before she got her big promotion.

Joey sometimes would request chocolate chips, in them but mom would always refuse, because she said that's like having candy in the morning. Just as I was about to get up I heard someone snoring really softly.

"Where is that coming from?"

I looked beside me and noticed someone was underneath the covers! In the bed with me! I yelped really loud and fell on the hard concrete floor. This person must be a heavy sleeper, because I hit the floor really hard. I jumped off the floor and peeked underneath the covers to see who this person was. It was Aaron! I was so angry, because, hello, I have morals! I'm not a whore. It was hard to be annoyed because when I looked at Aaron sleeping, breathing so peacefully and softly, he looked so angelic. His soft black hair covered his right eye. I noticed that he moved a little as he slept, and kind of mumbled things that I couldn't make out. I know this sounds a little creepy but I sat there for at least five minutes watching him, sleep. He just looked so angelic, and it brought a smile to my face to see that he's finally resting. I walked out the room, following the smell of pancakes. I came to what appeared to be the kitchen.

"You're a heavy sleeper." A familiar voice said from behind me.

It was Lucida, Aaron's friend.

"You want some breakfast?"

I did nothing but just stare at her.

"How did I get here?"

She smiled and got a plate from the cabinet.

"Aaron, he's very weak, and he's in danger right now, so I'm helping him stay from out of the spotlight ok?"

She than put two pancakes on the plate and handed it to me.

"I know Aaron is in trouble but, why am I in danger? Why do I have to come with him?"

She sat down at the table and started munching on her pancakes, it looked like she didn't even swallow her food. She wiped her mouth and scooted her chair closer toward the table.

"I don't think it's my place to tell you right now. If Aaron wanted you to know now he would have told you, maybe you should here it from him rather me."

I crossed my arms gazing at the floor disappointed.

"Anyways, so anything happened last night between you and Aaron that I should know about?" She grinned.

"What! No, no, I, and he, we, didn't do anything."

At least I didn't do anything. I thought about last night over in my head. What if he drugged me and than raped me! What if he hypnotized me with his vampire powers, and made me, you know what! Ah! I asked Lucida were vampires able to do that, to hypnotize people, or lure them to do something they wanted a human to do.

"No, that's just a stupid myth portrayed on television."

I let out a sigh of relief and asked Lucida other questions and things about her kind. She told me that vampires really aren't able to change into bats, and that they really can't be killed by stakes.

"Vampires can be killed easily just like humans, it's just a little more of a challenge to kill us, because of our strength."

I was amazed of how many myths were not true. I began to ask more questions but we were interrupted by someone pounding on the door. We both ran to the door and Lucida looked at me with a smile.

"Now, don't be afraid, he won't hurt you again."

Again! Is she talking about Gabriel! As soon as Lucida flung open the door, Gabriel ran through.

"Where's the food? I'm hungry!" He yelled.

"Shhh, Aaron is sleeping dumb ass!" Lucida said.

He rolled his eyes and ran right pass me. Just as soon as I sighed in relief that he didn't notice me he stopped in his tracks and turned around smiling at me.

"Well, well, look who it is."

He than ran his fingers through his dark brown hair.

"How was the kiss?"

"What kiss?" I asked innocently.

Than a flashback occurred and I remembered the kiss he was talking about.

"Oh, that."

"What do you mean oh, that, I never kissed a human girl, you should be thankful someone like me even touched you!"

"What is that suppose to mean!" I yelled forgetting that Aaron was sleeping in the room just down the hall.

"It means, that I want you to be my girlfriend, that's what it means!" He yelled.

I was shocked and I think he could tell from the look I gave him. Lucida was as shocked as me and put her hand on her chest. I guess we were really loud because Aaron stumbled in the living room. He still looked half way asleep, and poorly groomed. He walked to the plate of pancakes and sat down and quietly started to pick with his food, with his fork, as though he wasn't even going to eat it in the first place. As we all stared at him he fixed his eyes upon all of us.

"What?" Gabriel than gave him a sly grin.

"Well I just asked Della to be my girl, what do you think?"

Aaron's expression did not change he just lifted his eyebrows and continued picking with his food.

"Well, I never asked out a human girl, but than again, she's not human, is she?" Gabriel asked.

Aaron fixed his eyes on Gabriel, than me.

"What are they talking about?' I whispered into Lucida's ear.

She didn't reply.

"Am I right? She's not human?" Gabriel asked, now with a more serious tone.

"I can tell that she's not because of the taste of her blood, had me puking all night."

Aaron than looked at me, checking to see if I caught on to what they were talking about. I still had no clue, I am human, has he lost his mind.

"A vampire cannot drink his brothers blood, it's poison, which brought me to the conclusion, that you blooded Della already."

Gabriel than cocked his eyebrow at Aaron to see if what he was leading on was right. I felt fury build up inside of me. I closed my eyes trying to remember how he could have blooded me. A flashback occurred when I thought back to the first night I met Aaron. How I fell from the building. How I should have died. How I knew I cracked my skull. How he mysteriously rescued me. How I asked him questions about how he did and he wouldn't answer. How pale I was getting, and some of the urges I have that normally I wouldn't have. I than knew that Aaron blooded me, and now I'm one of them!

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