to those who aren't familiar with my writing: i do not capitalize. don't ask me if it's intentional, because REALLY, you sound retarded when you ask that. this is my writing and i've decided, strongly, that i don't want to use capitalization for some of my pieces. it fits the choppy, raw, in-the-moment feeling that goes with this kind of story.

so, if you're reading this, don't be a dumbass and ask me if capitalization is intentional. i want it this way, i like it this way, so bitch about something worth mentioning.

:] read on!


it wasn't your smile that won everyone over, yet kept everyone at a distance. it wasn't your messy, tangled, and rugged head of hair. or your lanky and laidback, simple form. and it definitely wasn't your muscles (or lack thereof.)

it was your eyes.

you had the brightest eyes. the kind that made anyone look away. the kind that scared little boys and girls that didn't know your name. that had never seen your face before. the kind of eyes that made a girl stop walking, when you stared at her. that made simple girls hope.

"we could have something," you told me. i remembered that i didn't care one way or the other about you. you just had the eyes that told me to stop walking. to listen. to care. "we could be something."

i remember wondering, as we stood silent on the corner, if, maybe, you were on to something. i remember wondering, while we stood opposite each other and stared, if you just wanted something from me.

and i remembered that i still didn't care.

as my backpack fell to the ground, and you took my face in your hands, i told you, "i don't care."

i swear that i didn't care.

obviously, italics in quotes are speaking. italics are thoughts. k?

the style that it is - lack of capitalization, and sometimes lack of proper quoting - is meant to be this way.

so deal.