we're sitting on your couch, laying side by side and with the news on the tv. your hand is tucked between my thighs, but nowhere near in a teasing matter. you're angry at me, and downing a bottle of something-something nonalcoholic (you haven't had more than three shots worth of alcohol since we got serious). i can tell you're still thinking about an arguement by the way you're staring blankly. more to calm you down than to calm myself, i keep quiet and pay attention to the tv.

people always say happy endings are the best way to find love. to begin again, together. fairytale endings and lullabies are dead with us. i don't want perfection and peace and never fighting - with you, the three of those are impossible to accomplish. and you know it, too.

we're not all smiles and pure love. there are times where we hate each other for an hour, then find each other's bodies to resolve the issues. we fight and fight and fight, until it's out of our system, and it never gets old. sometimes, we even say sorry. screaming music, and drinking, and dead-rabbit screensavers are what rule our lives.

the only way we even think of getting through the night is with each other and our body heat.

we call it love.

you shift and twist a little so you're facing me directly and grabbing my attention. for the first time in a while, your eyes are thoughtful. i know that look.

you give me a light kiss and, "here's to the night.." you stop, as if trying to find a way to word your thoughts. suddenly, you smile and take my chin in your hand. "we fell in love."


i hope you all enjoyed!