My Man

There was a man who loved me first,
Who took me first,
Who provided all for me.
And I cheated on him twice,
Then ran away and left him with our son
and broke his heart.

There was a man who loved me next,
And loved me best.
Who gave me butterflies
just by being in the room with me,
And took me across the sea
to meet his family.
But a boy with blue eyes tempted me away from him
and broke his heart.

I thought he was perfect,
Ruined, yet still perfect,
And I thought I'd found the one.
The boy with blue eyes didn't want me in the end
and broke my heart.

There was a man who loved me third,
I just wanted someone for myself-
It didn't matter who.
I lay with my head in his lap
and we looked at the stars, and I talked,
And I made him fall in love with me.
Then I left
and broke his heart.

There was a boy who loved the thought
of having a girlfriend.
And he showered me with gifts,
And attention, and kisses,
and touched me in public
as though I were his property,
and I couldn't take much more.
But I couldn't bear to hurt him,
But I couldn't be around him,
Then I fell.

For the man with green eyes,
shaved head and pierced tongue.
He smokes and he shouts and he scares me.
But he is healing me
and I love him so much that it hurts.
My man.