My Green Lover

I met my Green Lover by chance one day,
Whilst she was in the company of other people.
I tried to get to know her,
But we didn't get along,
And so we went our seperate ways.
We crossed paths again much later,
When I'd changed a lot inside,
Grown bitter, and wanted something new.
I gave my Green Lover another chance
And this time we took to each other.
Then she clung to me, begged me to have her,
Over and over again,
And only sleep came between us.
My Green Lover opens my eyes
To things I would not otherwise see,
And I can fly and float,
Laugh for the joy of laughing.
And she turns music,
Into something more than music,
Into something alive and breathing.
She can pull me right into it
When I shut my eyes.
There are times when my Green Lover is gone,
And I have to clench my fists,
And count the days until
My Love is with me, in me, once again.