Something was wrong…something was overlooked, but…what? What was missing? Was there someone that was missing, something forgotten? What?

"Mom…is there..." I couldn't ask her. It would be odd wouldn't it? Telling her that I am already eighteen. I was, wasn't I? What I didn't understand was that she had said it was in two days…wasn't today my pre-initiation?

"What sweetie?" She asked, sitting down beside me with ease.

"Is there…any mail for me?" I felt ridiculous when those words came out of my mouth.

She gave me an odd look, as tough she was angry at something. I could tell she was looking, not at my face, but at somewhere near my neck. Why would she look there? The look was replaced almost instantly, however, and I soon forgot about it.

"Have you been eavesdropping on me again?" She asked in a sense of playfulness.

"I would never!" I said, going along with her as I faked innocence.

"Alright you. Yes, there is a letter for you. I was going to give it to you later, but I guess it can't wait." She said, pulling out a slightly yellowed envelope.

How familiar it felt when it touched my fingers. How familiar…Dominique! My mind was practically screaming that name at me as I hurried to open the letter. Could it be Dominique trying to contact me? Strangely, I couldn't picture him very well right then. It was as if his face had become blurred in my mind. I couldn't remember what his eye color was exactly or his facial features. Maybe I was just groggy from sleep.

I slit the envelope and hungrily took out the letter.