Tell me why things must be the same

So that I have reasons to not go insane

Moving your body, not what I had in mind

Contorting my words into lies!

Wake me up before I go in to shock

Wake me up, so I know this is a dream

Wake me up because I don't want to

Live in this nightmare any longer

Ticking the clock it slowly goes by

The hands move in New York time

Minutes pass like they were hours

And I still can't seem to find the reason why

I'm becoming insane, insane, insane, insane, insane, insane

Speaking in tongues like I'm a devil

You take a step back to see what's the matter

Questions arise and nothing will fly

You know this'll never be quite the same

One more mistake before I cross that line

The one we never thought to define

I've been on the fence for far too long

It's time to choose a side in this war

Against myself, there's so little time

Three organs fighting for prime

Lack of a conscious brings so much in pain

It's clear that things are not quite bien!