Author's Note: Hi all!!! Koda-san here. Finally! I have Prince of Cats! The prologue only though, and its only a page, but the first chapter will follow. Enjoy!!


My name is Kerri Woods. I'm sixteen. Most people think that that's the age when your life changes. Those people have no idea. The day of my sixteenth birthday my mom announced that we would be going on vacation. I was expecting somewhere interesting, Hawaii, maybe. Instead, I got Ireland. No offense, the country looks beautiful. But what can you do there? Absolutely nothing in my book. But what's my opinion compared to my mother's?

Nothing apparently, because the next day I was on a plane bound for Dublin with my mom, my step-dad, and my brother Josh. No one cares for my opinion. And I don't know about you, but a seven hour plane ride is not how I imagined spending my birthday.

The idea was entirely my mom's. She said we weren't spending enough time together as family. How ironic. Nancy Woods is one of those job-then-family mothers. You know, the kind that work nine-to-five and are determined to somehow schedule in a family life after a meeting. I want to say she tries, but it's almost pathetic. If we have some kind of family night, it's always interrupted by a call or something. Makes me wonder if I was adopted. She's tall, blond, a Nordic princess. Richard, my step-dad, is exactly the same, one of those real chummy guys who wants to be your best pal but never stick around to play catch. They're perfect for each other. Both corporate geniuses with a bunch of money and the little house with the white picket fence. Heck, they even have yuppie names. And they have their perfect blond son. All their missing is their cheer captain daughter.

Naturally, I'm not fit for the job. I'm short, freckled, and I have the most unnatural shade of red hair that I put Pebbles Flintstone to shame. I don't know who my real dad is, but I'm guessing that I take after him. My mom prefers not to comment about "her crazy college days," which is code for 'one-night stand.' Nine months later she had me, dropped me off at my grandma's, and rose into the business world. That's where she met Richard. They got married, had Joshua, and I grew up being the oddball. Too bad for them. I'm perfectly content that I don't fit into their white picket fence life.

Now don't get me wrong. I love my mother and most of the time I'm okay with her husband. On the rare occasion I even get along with my little brother. But I'm just so different from them, it's like I belong to another family. And majority of the time I wish that I did.

But I digress. Where was I? Oh yeah, Ireland.

My mom's remedy for not spending time with each other was a vacation. And since the point was to be with each other, she picked the most boring place she could think of. Okay, not the most boring, but it's pretty high on the "there's nothing to do here" list. Anyway, I spent my birthday crammed onto a plane with the people I hate most, only to have to spend the next two weeks with them. At least I had my own hotel room. Thank God for little miracles…