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3: I'm sorry if I offended anyone, but for the sake of the story.. Ivan isn't changing. The gay bashing is not actually there since Ivan uses the word Faggot for everything. Now then... please continue reading if you will since this story is more than just some cuss words.



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Judas kiss

-Judas \Ju"das\, n. The disciple who betrayed Christ. Hence: A treacherous person; one who betrays under the semblance of friendship. -- a. Treacherous; betraying.

-Judas hole, a peephole or secret opening for spying.

-Judas kiss, a deceitful and treacherous kiss.


"What! I don't understand, why would you do this? What made you...feel this way? Lindt...?" Raine was on the verge of tears as his six-month long relationship with the cold-hearted Lindt was crumbling before him.

"I guess I never really loved you... you know, a fleeting sort of emotion?"

"No! I don't know! Explain it to me!" Raine was crying now, his fingers balled up into his fist against his eyes, "What did I do wrong?"

"Well..." Lindt had reached out and pressed his hands against the others chest, his other hand then pressing against the others privates. "First off, you were born a male."

Raine went tense after that, his eyes peeking up at the other before suddenly pushing the other away. "You're a jerk! You said you didn't have a problem with that.. and... and... I had asked you if that would be a problem since... you were well, into girls! and you said No because I was perfect! You're a fucking liar!"

"Raine come on, you honestly thought we'd be together forever? Look at us... it wouldn't have worked forever."

"..." Raine could only cry more as he let the words of Lindt repeat over and over again, "What... did I do?... what did I do to make you think... that I'm not good for you anymore?"

Lindt's voice was emotionless as was his face. "To be honest Raine, you're not that special. Really, after the first couple of months you become a bore. You loose that special touch you had when I first met you.. that touch that made me overlook that you were a male... " Raine could feel the others finger gently tugging at some of his blonde hair, "I waited for you, you know? To get that little spark back.. and it seems like that it's not coming back..." he leaned down gently to look into the others crystal blue eyes. "So, lets move on with our lives and close this chapter?"

Raine clenched his hands into a fist, and slapped the others arm away before harshly shoving the other back into his own house. "You're..." Raine choked gently on the words as more tears were flowing out of his eyes. Lindt caught his balance rather quickly after being suddenly shoved. His face hadn't changed much, but... he seemed to have that tint of anger now. He moved back to the door and gripped it before speaking one last final time to the other,

"You know... you should just move on. I have... let's just forget we ever had this kind of relationship. Lets just pretend nothing ever happened..."


"Are you fucking kidding me? You can't send me to a school like that... they'll actually expect something of me..." Ivan sat in the car with his whole family. Why did they think they all needed to come anyway? He was only being picked up from a Juvenile Correctional Center. It's not like they needed to drag his little sister into this... and definitely not his mother.

"You know, the JCC suggested it. They said that most kids that are released go to that school and are completely reformed."

"So you think that just because THEY said the kids reform, that I will? Are you kidding? How much is the damn school anyway? Do you even have MONEY for a place like that?"

"Hey, little brat. We're the parents. We can send you any where the fuck we want, be glad it's not some Military boot camp school."

Ivan angrily pulled out his box of cigarettes and pulled one out before lighting it and inhaling deeply, "So I'm guessing you already bought all the crap I need without my approval right? So tacky ass pants with a shirt three times to small?"

His father looked through the rear-view mirror glaring, "We didn't buy you NOTHING at all. You're going to go through school with the same shit you had last year. Not like you used any of it anyway.."

Ivan looked to the mirror, exhaling a puff of smoke towards his fathers direction. "Are you kidding? Boys like me are fucking growing at a fast rate and you expect me to wear clothes that are to small for me? Hell, The clothes I'm wearing NOW don't even fucking fit me. Do you guys ever THINK that I might just need a pair of new pants that aren't tight around my privates? Ever think that I need some clothes that doesn't make me look like a fucking faggot that might have his belly button pierced? Come on, are you an idiot?"

His little sister next to him was giggling and biting on a piece of her hair. He took another inhale of his cigarette before exhaling away from her, "Dads a real fag isn't he.. wonder why he's still with mommy, eh?"

His little sister hid her face some as she was giggling. She probably didn't even understand what he was talking about... most likely just laughing because he was cussing.

"You little...put that damn cigarette out... you disrespectful.. piece of shit. I hope they beat the kids at that school...if they don't, that's fine.. I'll just beat you when you get home.. knock some respect into that stubborn little head of yours."

"...Ivan.." spoke up his mother, she was a weak thing sitting in the front of the car almost looking afraid that his father might just snap at her or hit her or something. He gave a sigh and leaned back into his chair as he listened to her speak, "We..we have to buy you some uniforms for the school... so, if you could just manage.. wearing those until we get some more money for your new clothes...the uniforms are really expensive... we're even skipping out on your sisters new clothing for awhile."

Ivan looked to his sister who was nodding, "But.. I can manage.. I didn't grow so much like you, Ivan!" his sister smiled as she licked her hair before sitting up some and swinging her legs over the car. Ivan flicked his cigarette out the window and slouched down some.



First Day of School.

"If everyone could just... sit down... sit...down.-- yes, there we go." spoke the Headmaster of Kingsford Academy. He was a old man, standing at the center of the stadium behind a black microphone stick, and obviously the microphone to speak through. His suit was black, dark and obviously not matching the students in anyway. The only thing that could make him even related to the school was the tie he wore. Striped in school colors of white and a light, almost baby, blue.

Ivan gave a slight 'tch' as he walked to the middle of the chairs, and purposely being difficult, made some kids move and stand up so he could get a center seat. He then dropped himself into his seat. His uniform was a mess; shirt untucked, tie not even properly tied and his jacket opened while his collar was half up and half down. His hair, which was a dark and black as night, was messily running over his ears and around his neck; his bangs falling into his piercing green eyes.

"Alright now, everyone settle down. Come one, be quiet now. The orientation is about to start... this should be the final one of the morning and then all of you should be set to start your new academic adventure in this wonderful school!"

Ivan twitched and the younger, new and freshman students were clapping and cheering. They must be excited for coming to this school.. Ivan didn't even know why.

"Yes yes, exciting isn't it? We are the best school of this district so I'm counting on you all to keep the reputation up. Study hard and reach your goals of being the best."

Who said anything about being the best...

"Anyway... on with it now. You'll be getting your name tags right now. Please, don't loose them. They are rather expensive and I'd hate for you all to loose money over it. Also, do not mark on them... put stickers on them or wear them out of dress code. You will receive detention for any of these offenses and a fine if you loose it. Also, you all know the main rules of the school. Only are you allowed to eat in the cafeteria and marked areas for picnicking. You may not chew gum, or have food during class and taking back to a teacher is not taken lightly."

Ivan gave a sigh, what fun was this school? He couldn't wait to get home... maybe smoke up a carton while drinking some beer. He tilted his head back as he closed his eyes, smiling of the dream he wished to live right now.

"-...Now then... the upperclassmen with us today will be assigning you your name tags and schedules... make sure you take them and head to home room immediately. First period should start in half an hour. Enjoy your classes!"

And right when the upperclass men were ready for them, the students ran like a bee hive to get their name tags and schedules. Ivan on the other hand was still sitting there with his head tilted back... almost sleeping as he dreamt of the beer he could be drinking right now.

When the crowd was running down and the loud chattering of the students were starting to disappear, Ivan came back from his dream and looked around. His eyes landed on the tables that were now much less croweded. His eyebrows raised as he was remembering where he was and what he needed to do. He cursed as he got up and dragged himself over to the table that was labeled 'L-P'. He sighed as he reached the front of the table, his hand smacking down on the table as he leaned against it. Other hand against shoved in his pocket as he looked up to the upperclass men that would be giving him his things. He paused for a brief moment, green eyes looking over the others blue eyes and perfectly layered shoulder-length blonde air. For a moment, he couldn't believe a male could look so... pretty. His ran over the flawless skin and uniform. Perfect... besides the pink pins and accessories he had attached to the pocket of his uniform. Not only that, pink hairpins holding back his bangs. His eye twitched some as he came back from staring; realizing the other was speaking to him.

"Hey...hello? Uh.. " Raine stared up at Ivan, the demeanor of the other boy was quiet.. familiar. But he couldn't really put his finger on it, instead... he sat there patiently looking up at the other.

"Oh, sorry... Ivan...Ivan Miller." Ivan spoke as he watched the other flipping through name-tags and finding his rather easily since most of the students were gone by now. Ivan's eyes ran over the others name tag to catch his name... Raine Sone.

What the fuck, is his family a bunch of hippies? Who names their son Raine...when their last name is Sone...

"Here you go.. your name tag... and.." Raine was quickly shuffling through the left over schedules... "And your .. schedule."

Ivan had started to stare off into space, particularly towards Raine's face. Raine's perfectly shaped eyebrow rose as he looked at the other... waving the piece of paper into his face.

"Uh.. Ivan... Class is about to start.. you should get going."

Ivan snapped out of it quickly, he had been looking over the others pink hair clips again and almost looked disgusted when he brought himself out of the thought. He snatched up his things, suprising Raine, then quickly moved away from the table.. muttering no thanks at all.

Who should give one to a faggot like that anyway?