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What was with Raine's act last night? Love? He loves me? How is that even possible with the way I treat him… the way I take advantage of him, the way I use him.

Ivan shook his head as he stood under the bleachers near the football field. A cigarette he bummed of some guy giving him some frustration release as he inhaled it deeply. "Son of a bitch.." Ivan growled while stomping out the butt of the cigarette.

"Me?!" a squeal came from behind him, it send shivers down his back as he turned around to see who it was. "How can you say that to me…" she said with a pout as she pulled out a pack of cigarettes; lighting one up as she smiled to him.

A cheerleader smoking – never thought he would see the day at this school.

"You look like you need one. Here you go." She offered to him, and he didn't refuse. How could he? He didn't have the money to just go buy a pack.

"Thanks." he muttered before he lit the cigarette and took a deep drag. He didn't expect any small-talk. But he should have thought better. Not only was he smoking with a girl, she was a cheerleader. She, of course, was going to talk to him. He just wasn't sure if the chit-chat was going to be nice, full of gossip, or bitching at him.

"So, who's this bitch you're talking about?" she smiled innocently as she cutely took a puff of her cigarette, leaving a ring of lipstick around the butt of it.

"Why's it any of your business. Liked you take any interest," Ivan spat as he gave her a light sneer and took another drag, "You obviously just want to sap something out of me to try and get some gossip to spread around or some shit."

She gave him a knowing smile; "Maybe, but then again, I can be super nice and just want to help you get your frustrations out." she winked at him as she took another puff.

What a whore…

Ivan stayed silent as he smoked his cigarette, eyeing her a bit before looking around the field. "What are you doing out of class anyway? Don't you have a teacher to suck up too?"

"Oh, come on. Not all cheerleaders are dumb…"

"Well, you're smoking so obviously you're in that group."

"So are you… You're smoking too."

He was silent before shrugging, "Sure, I'm pretty dumb. I have a tutor that's a bitch, and I have nerds do my homework. But then, I could be a lazy genius with an addiction."

"You don't look like a genius."

He raised a brow as she spoke, then scoffed as he stomped on the cigarette butt, "And you definitely look like a dumb blonde." he then gave her a wave, "Thanks for the cigarette."

She was surprised that the other snapped back at her; being her vain-cheerleader-self. She figured anyone would just let her stomp on them and leave it be. She stepped out her cigarette and scurried to walk next to him.

"Are you doing anything tonight?"

Ivan looked too her as he heard the bell ring; school was over and he was wasting his breath with this girl.

"Yes, I have tutoring tonight."

"At night? Must be more than just some tutoring job…" she teased as she shrugged on her book-bag. "Who's your tutor?"

Ivan gave her a smug look before he muttered out, "Raine."

She stopped in her tracks, raising a brow. At night? With Raine? The genius-gay-senior?

"Ohhhhh… So you're gay then?"

Ivan tensed as he instantly shouted, "NO! I'm not! Just because my tutor is doesn't mean I am… god damn." He muttered angrily as he stormed off. She quickly followed him and grabbed his arm a bit, linking together with him.

"No no! I was just wondering. You have tutoring at night… and you didn't deny that you didn't have anything sexual going on…" she said quickly, "But since you're not. How about I pick you up tonight from his house? I'll get us beer and cigarettes and we can just talk about how much of a bitch he is, if you want?"

He stared at her for a moment as the courtyard filled with students, she took it as a yes and unlinked arms.

"Alright then! I'll pick you up!"

How can I turn down beer and cigarettes?....


Raine's Room –

I'm not gay, I'm not gay…

Raine yawned lightly as he took a sip from his coffee mug. He had finished his homework about an hour ago and now was checking over Ivan's Junior Math class problems. Ivan had stopped just a couple minutes ago to stare at Raine. He already felt the urge to just attack the other and take him right there. Ivan's green eyes slowly ran over the others hair that was tied back messily at the moment; random strands of the others platinum hair falling around his pale, perfect face. Those blue eyes sparkling as they reflected the white paper he was looking at. Raine's pencil gently tapping against the pink lips as eventually looked up and raised a perfectly arched eyebrow.

"Do I have something on my face? Or… ?"

"No, no… just waiting."

"I'm sure you have other homework to do, don't you?"

"Yeah, but…" he leaned over and pulled the book and paper from the others hand. Raine gave a small smile as Ivan swiftly pushed him against the side of his bed. Lying between his legs, Ivan repeated several sentences in his head;

I'm not gay… he's just perfect… I'm not gay! I'm not gay! I'm not a faggot!

Raine gave a soft, pleased noise as he felt Ivan's lips against his. His right leg wrapped around Ivan's waist as his hands ran through his hair, his left arm gripped Ivan's shoulder and his right wrapped around his neck. The kiss was long, heated and passionate. Raine automatically flushed and arching into the other; a soft moan escaped him as he tilted his head back and gasped for air.

"Ivan!" he titled his head to the left as Ivan gripped a chunk of the platinum strands and bit harshly against his neck; his hips desperately grinded down against the other which sent waves of pleasure and pain through Raine.

Raine clutched at Ivan's shoulder hard, his arm tightened around his neck, "Ivan!" he yelped and trembled at the same time. Ivan pulled away for only a moment to see that he had drawn blood. Not letting the other move his hands to touch it just yet, he leaned down and licked it up, suckling the wound.

"Ivan! That hurts!" Raine whined.

"Shut up, Raine." Ivan muttered as he pulled him to lie on the cluttered floor.

"Ivan! Slow down, wait!" Raine complained as his arms tried to push the other off of him. Ivan having more strength pinned him against the floor as he then glared down at him with much hatred.

"I said, shut up! Now stay still."

Raine whimpered and felt his heart drop as Ivan pulled of his shirt and let his hands roam his chest. The contact felt so good, but he wasn't sure why Ivan looked at him with such hate, and resentment.

Raine was quiet though as the rest of his clothes were pulled off and tossed aside. Ivan's clothes as well, being tossed aside while he was already positioning himself to enter. Raine's eyes widened as he felt the others tip against his unprepared entrance – Ivan never went dry after their first weeks together. He was his rough self at the moment, like the first time. This scared Raine, who quickly spoke up under his heavy breaths.

"Ivan! Ivan! Stop, I'm not ready for this! Just stop! What—Wait Ivan! Wait!" he whined out loudly as Ivan didn't listen to him and shoved himself harshly inside the other. "Ivan!" he cried out as tears streamed down his face, his breath heavy and hard as he gasped for air, "Iv-Ivan!"

I'm not gay! Raine is just oh so… tight, and wonderful. It just feels so good… to be inside him, the warmth! I'm not a fag! He just feels so—not a fag! Not a fag!

Ivan could only make up excuses as he felt Raine's nails run down his back in pain. He couldn't look at him, the pained face as he didn't even wait for the other to adjust. His head leaned down to suckle the others nipples before creating new marks on the flawless skin.

"Ivan!" Raine groaned painfully as one arm moved to grip his bed side, the sheets crumpled in his fist as his other hand clutched at the others shoulder. "Please! Stop!" Raine whined desperately, but it felt so good to him. And when did he care about the others feelings? Raine was just a doll for him to use… He'd have a date with a nice girl after he got all his frustrations out.

Raine was out of breath as he tried to make the other stop. It didn't even feel good as he clutched at anything he could now. He could only whisper out his affections as his body wasn't going to show the other with all the pain that ran through him, "I love you – Ivan, I love you. I love you..." he whispered in a low voice as Ivan thrusted into him harder and harder.

Ivan looked down, Raine's eyes shut tight as he whispered those words – as if trying to tell his own body that it felt good, but it wasn't succeeding. Only Ivan felt good at the moment, and it made him feel like shit when he looked away and saw the ring that glinted off Raine's finger.

"Shit, Raine." He groaned as he brought his hand up to smudge away the others tears, but he couldn't stop. He was almost there, and because of his distracted mind, his body wasn't gentle with the other. It was rough, hard, and made the other bleed.

And even though Raine, and Lindt, had told him Raine was into rough-play, he knew it was nothing as rough as this. Because any other time he was rough, Raine enjoyed it. But now, Raine just writhed, whimpered, and cried underneath him.

It was the first time Raine didn't release for Ivan. It was the first time he just couldn't.


Raine felt like shit; complete and utter shit as he crawled onto his bed and curled up into a ball under his blankets. The tears still ran down his face as his hands came up angrily to wipe them away. He felt the cool metal of his ring and pulled his hand away to look at the pink middle piece. He stared at it angrily as it was a piece of Ivan he wore everywhere.

What changed…?

He thought pitifully as he buried himself under his blankets. His tears came fast as he cried himself to sleep for the millionth time in his life.


"Hey!" the voice came from the car parked right in front of Raine's house,; Ivan didn't expect for the girl to actually pick him up, so when he saw her he wondered if he should say he wasn't finished and run back up to Raine and say sorry. The girl was nowhere near perfection like the boy he just took so roughly.

"Hey, you coming or what? I got beer and cigarettes!" she lured him in with that as he really needed an escape right now. Quickly moving to the passenger seat with one last glance to the window of the room he was just in.

Sorry… but you are a drug, and I'm definitely not a fag.



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