Your words tumble from your mouth
Colorful intoxicating clouds gathering
Slipping away from your tongue towards mine
Laughter spilling onto the floor from everyone else's

My eyes linger at the imaginary pictures
Dangling from your lips
Playfully teasing my broken mind
As my gaze goes down down down
Searching your collarbone
(as if the mysteries of these feelings were hidden there)
To your hips tied to your legs
Stillness dancing underneath my skin watchingwaiting
Trying to taste all the wrong places

Knees kiss and thighs touch
Your fingers lingering painfully close
I'm engrossed by unspoken fellowship
Arm slung around my shoulder
Wrapping me up in joy incomplete

Mentally I measure the distance
From my mouth to your mouth
Your mouth…
Words swell inside my throat
Aching to be let go
Adoration adornments to wrap around your neck

But I swallow them with an outward smile
Eyes on my hands
Empty and clasped tight in an angry knot
Just waiting for you to get up away from me
So I can hold your waist two seconds too long
Just to say goodbye again