Title: Oedipus Rex

Disclaimer: not my characters; just for fun.

Warnings: spoilers for the myth

Pairings: het incest

Rating: PG13

Wordcount: 320

Point of view: firstish

Oh, Oedipus, you poor boy,

cursed from birth with such

a cold, cruel destiny—

Those three sisters wrote this for

you, Oedipus; they knew it would come to this.


You thought to save your parents

and instead strode straight, bravely,

to your destiny—you married a queen

and became king, cursed Oedipus.

You murdered a man in the midst of a quarrel—

an old man, weak; and you in the prime

of life. Did it please you, bringing down

the proud? Punishing him for his arrogance?

You became king after killing him, given

a wife and a crown: quite the reward, no?


Did something feel wrong before

you learned the truth? Were your dreams full of portents?

Oedipus, sad, sorry boy—no, man—you killed

your father—not the man who raised you,

no, but the man whose blood formed you—

and gave your mother daughters—how

destinies fall! You sought to save your

parents from your curse, sweet child, and

instead made it come true.


If only intentions were rewarded,

instead of actions, dear Oedipus—

surely then your life would have been

happier, your ending sweeter.

You learned the truth and gouged out

your lovely, sinning eyes.

You found your mother—the woman

who bore you and bore your children—

beautiful, Oedipus. You looked upon

her and her form pleased you.

She was your wife—

such a sin, Oedipus!

Such a sin: kill your father

and wed your mother—

aye, it is a Greek tragedy.


And now you wander the countryside,

only your daughter—your sister—

with you, to aid you and care for you,

to protect you from yourself.

You seek absolution, poor, cursed Oedipus.

But you shall never find it.

You sinned in ignorance,

because you sought to keep your parents safe,

those kind folk who took you in

and raised you as their own.

Your intentions were noble—

but nobility, in the end, means nothing.