laryngitis crept through my throat
it bubbled up to my lips
i wasn't able to croak a word
without having it fumble along the vowels
silence was sealing my lips shut
so much i needed to say inside
so little i could do to get them out
i try to form genuine conclusions inside of my heart
i try to make sense and it only falls back into my mouth
down my throat, into the pit of my stomach
and my stomach will ache for days
it grumbles and moans of wanting relief
i need to speak

anger spread through my bones
it laced through my muscles
but i wasn't able to move for days
i couldn't lift my elbow to hold my head
as i tried to collect my thoughts
and seperate them from my feelings
i'm trying to make logic for you
so that you can understand
but the aggression is building,
boiling in my blood
my veins pulse and it's getting horrid
my body is sore and unable to creep to bed
to try to escape the thought of you
to try to escape from you

hurt forms in my heart
with every beat, it kicks a pain
it's yelling at my body
and it shrieks for vengeance
calling your name, it throbs in my eyes
they search for you, try to meet yours
so that they could shoot daggers
straight from my pupils
into your iris
to make them bleed green
hoping to wash away your blindness
to help you to see
can you see me now?
can you see me now?

can you see my pulsing veins?
my throbbing, bulged eyes?
my hurting heart?
my sore throat?

i reach above to find my voice
to yank the silence that's withheld my lips
i think really hard to create my words into sentences
to try to make them legiable
i pull my body together to move my legs
so i can walk straight again
i punch my chest to stop the pain in my heart
so that you can't hurt me anymore
and i softly tell my eyes
to stick the daggers
back into their sockets
and save them
for another

i tell myself to save them
for when you actually
deserve to meet
the revenge
i have in store
for you
one day.