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For Tyram Amir the world and its entirety, was and always would be young; he could float along the breeze of life forever if he choose. What with being a sylph this was easily done, for a spirit of air has no other past time than to sit and watch the world as it grows and changes. He was not the sprite that made the clouds, nor was he one to throw the hail down at it in frustration. No Tyram Amir was much more than a common sprite, he was a prince. He could not however take the throne until he proved himself worthy of the throne, came of age that is to say he needed to be 1,000 years old, and find himself the queen the fates had destined for him. He had come of age 3 centuries earlier, and since had struggled with a way of proving himself worthy of the throne he was to inherit.

His father had told him that the last two requirements were one in the same. As the cryptic message hadn't helped Tyram he had pushed it to the back of his mind and at present had quite forgotten it. It would be easy to just jump right into his epic tale, but since this is one of those stories we must understand from the beginning and not one that we can just happen upon... we must start further back at the start of Tyram's tale.

For he was 1,300 years old... and it was very like him to be impatient. You may not find that hard to believe, but there is a reason he is so different from your average Air Sprite. For Sylphs, or air sprites are usually very cheeful and they love to sing and dance; they are always happy and mischievous. Although Tyram is very much the happy go lucky Sprite from his youth he is also passionate, moody, headstrong, impatient and his temper isn't quite as long as it used to be; these all being strangely enough traits of a Salamander...

'Tyram...' A singsongy voice whispered on the wind, he knew instantly that it was his mothers. She had insisted that he join the revelries even though he wanted to drop hail over some ugly earth sprites. He didn't quite understand why he didn't like Gnomes and Tree Nymphs but he knew it was very common, that is why they lived in the sky. "Tyram!" The voice came again with more persistence. With an sigh he skipped the hail stone he was holding into the cloud he was hovering over. He picked up his bucket of stones and waved over his shoulder at the other Sylph boys that had come with him. Concentrating hard he started glowing a bright iridescent blue that obscured his featuers, he jumped into the air his beautiful Dragon-fly wings beating the air in a blur of motion.

He slowed down to quickly hide his bucket in a crevice in the palace wall before racing up to the main balcony; his mother would disapprove of throwing hail on Gnomes. He landed with a great rush of air in front of a small gathering of Salamanders. Tyram knew they must be Salamanders because their skin was as red as his was blue, they all glowed a faint reddish orange as if they were hiding burning embers. There were several men wearing white robes trimmed in red, and glittering golden jewelery. There was one girl amongst them and she was scantily clad; Tyram mused that it must be a Salamander thing for he had never seen a Sylph girl wearing so little.

She wore a clothe that was wrapped around her ribs and twisted strangely in the back so that it would stay put. She was also had a clothe wrapped several times around her waist like a belt with clothe that came down on both side like a skirt except that the sides of her legs were exposed. All the clothe she wore was white and trimmed in a silky red, she had a golden salamander twisted around her red forearm, and she like the men wore a necklace with a translucent reddish gem containing a flame. She gave him an appraising look, after a moment she seemed to think he was alright and gave him a small smile.

Tyram's mother and father, the current rulers of Air, both had navy blue skin and wore white robes trimmed in silky blue that matched their colors and their hair was silver. This was the natural form most used when in the presence of outsiders but Sylphs could change their coloring whenever they wish, they were however most influenced by the time of day and mood.

"Ah there he is! Djinn my son Tyram!" Oberon gestured excitedly with both hands, the biggest Salamander smiled but did not hold up his hand to press his palm against Tyram's as was custom when meeting someone. "Forgive him Tyram he is very powerful, he does not wish to harm you." "Djinn is my cousin, and King of the Salamanders. He is the first of our Salamander relatives to be on the throne, and the greatest King they have had in many a millennia or so I've heard." Oberon winked at Tyram as several of the Salamander men looked at their King proudly.

"My daughter Nuri," As he spoke he gestured a hand to the girl beside him, she stepped forward and held a red hand up. Tyram hesitated remembering his fathers words but before he could ask whether it was safe, Djinn spoke again in his deep, commanding, baritone voice. "She is much milder than I, she can even touch Undies without fear of scorching them." He said with note of slight distaste though he seemed to be trying to keep it from his voice. Nuri gave a small wince at his words. It was well know that the Fire and Water elementals did not get along. They had finally declared an open state of war against each other and many elementals had fallen since. The fact that Nuri couldn't harm an Undie must be a worry-some object to her father who was a very powerful Salamander.

Tyram raised his hand and pressed it against Nuri's, a shock went through him and suddenly the world went dark. At first he thought that she must have burned him but when he felt no pain he opened his eyes. It was as if the world had gone out, the only light now came from Nuri and it was only the faint reddish glow that seemed to permeate from her skin .

"What happened?" She asked softly, she did not sound afraid though the hand pressed against his trembled slightly.

"I don't know." He thought a moment. "Maybe... this happens when different elements meet for the first time. I've never meet a Salamander before."

"Maybe." Nuri spoke the words as if she did not believe them. Tyram started glowing blue, now he could actually see her face, he was suddenly aware that she was very appealing and that she was very much exposed. He could not take his eyes from her. Her eyes were golden and her hair, like that of the other fire sprites, was as black as the night. Her hair was cut severely, it barely came to her ears; the style however suited her. "I think when we let go the moment will be gone, I don't think anybody else will have noticed."

"Well when we part we'll know." He finally looked around them into the wall of darkness but he could tell Nuri's eyes were still on him.

"I have never seen a Sylph but in pictures, I had always thought Sylphs must be very ugly." Tyram opened his mouth to protest but Nuri quickly spoke over him. "But you are quite handsome," She reassured. "I think your race is more beautiful even than mine." Tyram smiled, he had expected the selfish conceit that every element had. They all thought they were the handsomest race, but Air was by far the most beautiful, Fire and water were second, even nymphs were deemed handsome, but gnomes were by far the ugliest elementals.

"Sylphs are beautiful," He admitted. "But I think you are more appealing than any of the Sylph girls that I have ever met." Nuri's faint light grew as if she had flushed. It was strange to look at her, he was so used to seeing skin the color of the ever changing sky instead of this deep blood red. Whatever the difference he was mesmerized by her differences.

"My father says you are only a little older than me, I am 734." She said in her soft seductive voice. Tyram laughed.

"Yes you are only a couple of decades behind me! I'm only 775." Nuri smiled and bit her lip, at the action he felt a strange sensation slice through his body.

"Oh that is good, I thought I would be by far the youngest, and I would have nobody my age to speak too! You must promise me that while I am here we will be good friends." Tyram promised eagerly. "My father says I must stay here for a while, the Undies are threatening to overwhelm the east Gate of Theshta, the great fire city that we live in." Nuri looked down for a moment. "I am sure that he will be alright, because he is the mightiest Salamander in the city. His magick is so great that he cannot touch anything for fear it will disintegrate, but he is afraid for me. My powers are much less, like a smoldering fire..." She trailed away apparently embarrassed by her lack of great powers like that of her father.

Tyram locked the fingers of their hands together reassuringly and Nuri smiled glowing ever brighter. She stepped forward and leaned up on tiptoes, and slowly pressed her lips against his. When she pulled away her eyes were twinkling and she gave him a lustful look.

"Oh!" she exclaimed her eyes widening. "How did you do that?" Before her eyes Tyrams skin had changed for a pale sky blue to a bright yellow. Embarrassed by his sudden change he became almost as red as she.

"Sylphs aren't like the other elementals, they can be any color of the sky." Nuri was fascinated.

"You are lucky, I wish I could do that." She watched as he turned slowly back to pale blue.

"It usually happens with moods, sometimes its really embarrassing. But its entertaining to watch little sylphs before they learn to control it." Nuri smiled and looked at him through lowered lashes as the world slowly started to reappear around them.

"There you see? Your quite alright aren't you?" Djinn's booming voice was nearly painful when he had been speaking to the soft spoken Nuri in front of him. She let her hand drop to her side and smiled as she stepped back a little behind her father.

"En chante Nuri." Tyram nodded his head toward her.

"The boy knows mortal language?" Djinn asked incredulously as Oberon lead him away into the palace. The Salamander men followed but Nuri remained rooted to the spot and her father did not seem to miss her for he did not look over his shoulder.

"You must be hungry Nuri, your journey was not an easy one. Your glow is most diminished, I'm sure your powers are much drained from the trip." Tyrams mother, the only Sylph that had remained behind, commented gently.

"Oh no..." She said happily. "My glow is always like this. My father did all the magick for me, I suppose he thinks I'm incapable because my magick is not so... explosive." Tyram's mother seemed a little taken aback by her intuitive nature, her skin tinged pink for a moment. "Thank you ever so much your majesty," Nuri bowed low. " but I would much rather take a fire bath, it would make me feel much better. If its possible could I have it before dinner? It helps me eat better." Tiona smiled.

"Of course..." She clapped her hands. They were covered in silvery rings that glittered with jewels. Nuri's eyes were suddenly diverted by them.

"Oh..." Came a breathless sound. "Those are so pretty..." Tiona was startled for a moment but she held out her hand. Nuri took her hand gently and touched one of the gems, it twinkled brightly at her touch. "What are they?"

"Stars." Tiona said softly. "Haven't you seen them before?" Tiona was looking over Nuri, who shook her head. A look of concerned sympathy crossed her face. "We will have to get you one for your birthday then. In fact theres a Star ceremony tonight, you must join us." She smiled as Nuri's face lit up and she nodded fervently.

"Oh thank you that sounds so wonderful!" A male sylph had appeared moments before when summoned by his queen. He lead Nuri into the palace and down a hall where she was to stay.

"Tyram..." The queens eyes had not left Nuri until she was out of sight. "I hope you will befriend Nuri. Salamander culture is much different from ours and they are not given much attention unless they are exceptionally gifted. I feel she has been neglected and has few friends." Tiona looked toward him with an expectant expression.

"You're right, when she told me that her powers were more of a simmering nature she seemed really embarrassed... I promised to be friends with her. I don't think it will be hard to become best friends with her." Tyram suddenly remembered that the conversation had taken place in the blink of an eye and his mother would not understand. He looked into her face but she just smiled knowingly and swept off after her husband.

"Moon above Tyram!" Tiona exclaimed as she came upon him and Nuri hidden away in what had been a deserted hall, lying under a table and whispering conspiratorially. "You are expected to be washed and ready for the birthing ceremony! The Prince is required to participate, if you are not there and ready, that means in your ceremonial robes, by the time the last Sylph arrives you will be hail maker for a week!" Tyram scrambled up, burst into blue light and flashed off down the hall. She turned to Nuri who stood up and closed her eyes for a moment, suddenly she was wearing a red, low cut backless top that was tied around her neck and left to hang. She was also wearing the same type of skirt she had been wearing on her arrival but this one matched her top. It seemed to be the only type of bottoms Salamander women wore.

"You and Tyram seem to be spending quite a lot of time together..." Tiona commented as she led Nuri to the ceremonial chamber.

"Yes... he has been very kind to me. Many of the Sylphs do not ... wish to be in my company." She said softly. Tiona glanced down at the young salamander and watched her expression, but it did not give off any emotion.

"I am sorry that your stay has been less than exceptional, if you would like there are older girls that have expressed an interest in you." She offered, they were climbing a stairwell used only for when there were guests that did not regularly fly.

"Perhaps," She paused. "Although I have found that I do not get along with girls. They are the first to betray each other and the last to admit it... I feel that Tyram and I have a special connection. We are the same him and I." Tiona frowned.

"The same?"

"Oh of course we're nearly complete opposites in that he's a male and I'm a female, and he is air while I am fire... but we certainly balance each other, and we like all the same things." Nuri happily explained. Although she had expected her to be quite elated by the news, Tiona seemed quite distracted by what she had said.

"That is very interesting..." They had reached the end of the hall the had been walking in and they stopped in front of a dark door that was splashed by twinkling stars.

"What kind of ceremony is this exactly?" Nuri asked suddenly for she had no idea what a birthing was.

"It is tradition that every century a star is to be born. As the protectors of the sky it is our job to make them. It is a long and grueling process and takes our most skilled Sylphs the better part of the century to create them but it is quite worth the effort."

"Oh my goodness! So long? And you have so many!" Nuri glanced at all of the Jewelery that Tiona wore. The queen gave a hearty laugh.

"Aye, but these are tired stars. Once they reach a certain age they come back to this chamber because they cannot shine as well in the sky. You see how small they have become? You will see what a new star looks like in a little while, but these are nearly too old to shine anymore that is why they have shrunk. They are only given so much magick you know, and once it is gone, well they must be re-born."

"I suppose I will see for myself." The sound like that of a resounding gong was heard.

"Aye, now quickly we must get inside, it is about to start!" There was a scream of a startled patron behind them and suddenly Tyram came zooming past them into the room as fast as possible. He landed quickly and brushed the curled hair out of his eyes with a quick shake of his head. He was dressed in navy blue robes trimmed in gold and splashed like the door with stars.

"There see? I am presentable and I've got here in time." Tyram said proudly.

"Barely." The queen hadn't said the words harshly but Tyram's shoulders drooped as she walked past him into the room. He walked in after her with his head held high, his robes fluttered behind him.

Nuri felt all eyes upon her, she was the only salamander in a sea of sylphs. For the first time she felt isolated and alone, but then Tyram was by her side again as if by magick. He slowly eased his hand into hers and squeezed her fingers reassuringly, with a slight smile he moved forward. The congregation followed suit joining hands as Tyram's soft voice turned almost gutteral as he started up a chant. Nuri opened her mouth intending to ask him how she was supposed to help but instead something seemed to seize her and strange words flowed from her mouth as if she had known them all along. Mesmerized by the song she swayed with the crowd. The ceremony was one that lasted most of the day, a day that both Nuri and Tyram would look back upon as one they would not forget, but neither would they remember it. For some magick had taken hold of them during that time and although the sight of a star being born was imprinted in their memories forever; for it was not something easily forgotten, they could not remember any other sense of being.
The star had risen near the end of the ceremony, it was the size of a basketball and as bright as the sun. Now Nuri knew what Tiona had meant when she had said that her stars were small, and that they were nearly too tired to shine anymore. While it rose and the chanting died away, leaving a strange echo, Tyram looked at Nuri. His eyes burned into her with ferocity not known of a Sylph, while everyone was looking up he slowly leaned down and pressed his lips against hers. She was reminded of when they met earlier that day, on this time she felt like she was in a pool of lava and all she wanted to do was press herself against him. When he pulled away she swore she saw a flash of red in his eyes before the magick of the moment faded.

From that day until the day Nuri was to leave Tyram and her were bonded by the birthing ceremony. Their interlinked hands, their shared kiss, and the strange magick of that day made their destinies one.

a//n: This is my first story that I've put on "paper" in almost 3 years, forgive my crappy style lol. Couple things:

Sprite: An elemental creature that cares for the earth with their different powers.

Air Sprite: Sylph

Earth Sprite: Gnome, tree nymphs

Fire Sprite: Salamanders

Water Sprite: Undies, mermaids

Sylphs don't get along with Gnomes/nymphs, and Salamanders don't get along with Undies.

The fates are in reference to the 3 goddesses that control the destinies of all.

Name meanings:

Tyram: (up for grabs, tell me what you think it should mean)

Amir: Prince

Oberon: Technically means "King of Faeries" but we'll pretend it means King of the Sylphs

Tiona: Queen of Faeries same deal

Nuri: my fire

Djinn: King of Salamanders

Reviews are welcome, I want to be flammed so bring it on lol I want this to be as good as possible! Most of it is already planned out, we might deviate but for the most part the plot is set lol I really hope you guys like this!