authoress/owner: kunoichixakura

summary: Waiting in the darkness, lied a demon so calm and gentle, yet so cruel and evil it would make the strongest of men cry. After a certain female, Madura Schiendire, approaches the cavern, her life is changed forever. Now, she is a tiger demon searching out into the world for those that have done the demon wrong. But, how can she kill the immortal Vampiress Aura and, more importantly, who is in alliance with Aura?

rated T for: violence, language(swearing)

chapter one

Demon's Lair

Madura Schiendire sat infront of the dying fire. She was only fifteen years old and was banished from her town. The only way to get back in, was to kill the demon haunting the woods. Her long red-orange hair trailed her back and, when she stood up, went down to her knees. She had deepbrown eyes outlined by thick black frames. Pushing them up the bridge of her nose, she shivered again. Wrapping her thin blanket around her, she fell sideways onto the dirt.

"They think that they can catch me. Kill me. But no. They won't even get close. Not even you.." A voice whispered out into the pitch-black night. Madura shot up in fright, jerking her head all around her to find the source.

"Who's there?" She asked timidly. After hearing only silence, she faced the fire again. Silence circled her for about ten more minutes. Feeling something touch her shoulder, she turned to the left to be met with air. She whimpered as she looked at the left, still feeling something on her shoulder.

"Aw. Your scared of me too? Foolish human." The voice murmered again. She jumped in the air, screaming her lungs out. Right next to her stood the figure of a tiger. Though no colors were seen but black, she could still distinguish the lines on its back. But, unlike the regular feline, it was atleast ten feet from the ground from its shoulder. Still, its head was atleast half a foot above its shoulder. Its head was large and teeth were longer, as well as its tail. Its shadowy form hovered over her, atleast five feet, a smirk seemingly played upon its mouth.

"What are you?" She stuttered, shaking. The feline growled at her as it turned around and walked away. Being the curious girl she was, Madura followed it. It dissapeared into a large twenty foot cave, hidden behind many trees and right next to an unwelcoming swamp. Scrunching her nose at the stench, she went into the cavern. "What are you?" She repeated, more confidence filled her being. She couldn't see a thing so she trembled when she felt the weirdest things underneath her feet.

"Why does a human care?" It spat out. 'Aparently someone has human-hatred!' She thought bitterly.

"Because I do." She replied, sitting on the floor infront of a pile of hay spread out as if a bed. She heard crunching from infront of her as she assumed the shadowy prescence sat down.

"Curious, aren't we?" It growled. Her face showed temporary fear at its tone but quickly dissapeared.

"What are you?" Madura repeated, growing quite impatient with the beast.

"Close your eyes. For the darkness of your mind shows everything..." It cooed out. Madura was a bit cautious but finally just closed her eyes. In her mind, she was lying on the dirt where her fire still burned weakly. It was morning and a figure strode up behind her. The feline. It indeed was a tiger. It was black with off-black striped. Its eyes were a piercing crimson while, Madura noticed, it casted no shadow. It was as if the figure was not there. Just a figment of her imagination, creation of the shadows themselves.

At the exact moment it was about to speak something to her, a pain shot through her body. She screamed. Her lungs ached. A strange, painful sensation filled her veins. It felt as if something was being infused with her soul. Suddenly, her voice stopped. Tears streamed down her face, creating a clear path down her dirty skin. Her mouth was still open though nothing came out. Her body shook as she fell backwards. Unable to controll herself, she landed unprotected, hitting the cold stony floor with her back. The thin fabric of her torn shirt did nothing but tear more and allow bruises and cuts to form and open.

"Hush now, Madura. Just fall asleep. I am Mistrialanne." It whispered to her as her eyes were reluctantly closing. Finding her voice, she whispered something. But, the words were unaudible.

"How the hell do you know my name?"