Little pieces of the world float
By my head cramming my
Lungs with the debris broken
Off the calamities and tragedies
Breathed from the mouths of
Humanity into my own lips like
A cancer to be grown inside my
Soul and make me less of what
Could be happiness or morality or
Simply the ability to stand up and
Sing for what is right and true and
Beautiful here in this time but
We're so surrounded by everything
That breaks us down into little
People wanting the greater things
That really aren't anything to be
Envied since they steal our hopes
And dreams and imaginary things
That linger between our teeth and
Toes not wriggling between the
Sands of hope but at a standstill
Covered in the harsh cold shoes of
Reality drinking at our entire
Being vampires cloaked in the
Clothes of mothers and fathers and
Sisters and brothers with tight
Lips and cold eyes screaming at
The sight of someone who could
Perhaps be simply happy just
In the pursuit of happiness

So we tie back our hair in
Ribbons sewn together with
The fabrics of conformity and
Sit quietly on the pews to
Listen to the blessings of a
Woman's hand called society
Claiming that her pedestal is
Prettier than anyone else's
Saying she's all for peace and
Love and hope but she twists her
Words into crucifixes like
Simply saying them brings
What they truly mean into
Being though she only knows
English so when the words
Escape her lips and are
Drawn into the air like mosaic
Pictures we all watch mystified wanting
To glorify what can only reach the
Ceilings of her temple where the choir
Sings her praises eyes glazed away
Watching things that cannot be really
Seen and ignoring the screams of
Dying people outside the door of their
Pretty white building with pretty
White doors no smudges to disfigure
Their flawless figure drowning
Herself in the jewelry that glitters in
Our eyes whispering don't you want to be like

Because in the end that's what it's
All about it has nothing to do with
Them or they or someone other than
That one letter word that stands
Alone just like we should run along
For our own self listening to the "I"
That is inside of each of us she preaches
From her pulpit made of lies and big
Disguises no one can see through because
We're strapped to our seats in awe of
The glittery things that could be ours
With just twelve payments of each
Part of our minds and we get an extra
Car if we give up our children to it
Too wouldn't you want to taste the
Ecstasy of all these material things?

But I just smile at her plea and
Rise slowly from my seat taking
My dirty dress and stride away
From her gnashing teeth until
I'm truly free of the noises of
Conformity and egotistic dreams
That everyone but me seems to
See as the right thing and I place
My hand in the skeleton of what
Could be a pretty little girl if she
Weren't called Heartbreak and
Heartache and someone decided
To take her and make her into

But I suppose it is too
Much to ask of those of us
Trapped in the cathedrals of
Manmade satisfaction drugged
By newspapers and TV screens
Telling us to be mindless
Sheep that they can lead into
A bubbled society where everyone
Sleeps and nobody sees what's
Really out there waiting

But blindness won't save us
From fated catastrophe