OK. my first ever fictionpress story. hope it's good ! Oh yea. this is ONLY the prologue. I want to see how many reviews I can get. if I don't get any then I'll just turn this into a random card captor sakura on fanficiton. my penname is ShinigamiAngel611 on if you're interested ! And since this is only the prologue, I'm not giving any names out YET ! so just bear with me.


He stood there in disbelief as she turned to walk away. He quickly grabbed her arm. "What?" he asked her. She scowled and wrenched her arm from him.

"I said: we're through !" and with that she stalked away. He sank down to his knees in shock. 'Why? What did I do?'

-.- Flashback -.-

He stood in the schoolyard waiting for her. He smiled to himself as he wondered what she wanted him to wait for. He suddenly heard approaching footsteps and thought it was her and turned around to hug her.

"Hey...Jamie?" he let go of the girl in surprise. The girl glanced back and smirked. He had missed this little detail.

"Sorry I thought you were.." he was cut off by Jamie. Her lips found his and pressed against them in a soft, and lingering kiss. His eyes widened in shock as he pulled away. Jamie smirked and walked away.

A few minutes later, his cell rang. "Hello?" he heard her soft angelic voice tremble a bit and felt worried.

"Hey ! Um...sorry I can't make it today. Mom called and I have to go home and baby-sit. I'll see you tomorrow?"

"Sure. Love you."

"Love ya ! Bye." and with that he hung up.

-.- End of Flashback -.-

He slowly gathered himself and walked home. 'No point crying and moping in the middle of the street like a little girl..' he thought to himself as he entered his room. He sat on his bed and waited for the end of his life...oh no wait.

It had pretty much ended already...