Angela POV

It was a fine spring day. Angela Kong sat at her desk finishing up her essay. 'After this one. NO MORE HOMEWORK!' she cheered to herself. It had been 2 years since that day. That day that almost separated them. Now they were as happy as ever. After confronting Jamie, she never dared showed her face around them again. This year they would be graduating from high school and moving onto college. 'College...feels like just yesterday when we met...' she smiled to herself as she remembered the first time they met. The park meant a lot to her. It was where they first met, where he asked her out, their first kiss and so much more...

"DONE!" she shouted as she finished her essay. "FINALLY !" she was just in the middle of happy dancing and her cell rang. It was Lisa.


"Hey Angela ! You free now?" she glanced over to her computer and smiled.

"Yea I am. Why?"

"Meet me at the park in 10 minutes !" and with that she hung up. 'Park? For what?' she thought to herself as she grabbed her phone and keys.

"Mom! I'm going out. Be back in an hour!" she yelled as she slipped on her sneakers. "OK!" came her mother's reply. And with that she headed out into the beautiful spring day.

Patrick POV

He was nervous. Very nervous indeed. His friend Ben had helped him pick out the perfect one. Yet he wouldn't know whether or not she would like it. He took a deep breath as they neared the park.

"Calm down. Man, I haven't seen you this nervous since the finals." his friend stated as they saw Lisa. Ben ran over and gave her a quick peck on her cheek. She smiled and showed him the camcorder.

"Got everything ready!" she smiled at Patrick. "You ready?" he gave her the shrug.

"Not sure."

"WELL YOU BETTER BE! SHE'LL BE HERE IN 10 MINUTES!" Ben sweat dropped and tried to calm her down.

"C'mon the guy's nervous that's all. Let's hide behind those bushes over there." he steered her towards the bushes and gave Patrick the thumbs up and an encouraging smile. Patrick sighed and sat down on one of the swings waiting for her.

General POV

Angela just made it to the park. She looked around for Lisa but couldn't find her anywhere. 'Eh, might as well wait for her.' she thought as she made her way to the swings. She saw a figure in the distance. 'Can't be her...can it? Nah...she's shorter than that' she smiled to herself and hugged the figure from behind.

"Hi there!" she yelled out and practically glomped him. Patrick jumped up in surprise and smiled.

"Hey." he greeted then kissed her. She smiled and kissed back. In the bushes not too far from them, there was a little flashing red light. Neither of them noticed. He abruptly ended the kiss and blushed slightly. "Um...I have something to ask you..." he mumbled and she looked at him in confusion.

"Sure! Ask away." she smiled. He got down on one knee and held her right hand in his left. He took out a velvet jewelry box.

"Will you marry me and make me the happiest man alive?" he looked up to her hopefully. Her eyes were brimming with tears and she slowly nodded. He smiled and slipped the diamond ring on her ring finger. She burst into tears and hugged him.

"YES!" a cheer erupted from the nearest bush. Lisa jumped out and hugged Angela. "Finally!" Patrick got up and smiled at Ben.

"You might want to get your girlfriend off of my fiancé before she suffocates her." Ben quickly walked over to Lisa and hugged her around the waist and pulled her off Angela.

"Calm down. Wouldn't want the bride-to-be die before her wedding now would you?" Lisa blushed and mumbled a "Sorry." Angela smiled.

"It's OK. Let's go celebrate! Ben's treating!" she yelled out and ran out of the park with Lisa

"Yea let's go ! HEY WAIT ! I AM NOT TREATING! THE GROOM-TO-BE IS !" Ben yelled and ran after them. Patrick ran after them realizing he was paying.

"LAST ONE THERE'S PAYING!" he yelled and ran ahead of Ben. The four friends raced each other towards the nearest bakery. Ben unfortunately paid for everything. Angela smiled as she ate her ice-cream. She glanced at the ring on her finger and examined it. Lisa saw and grinned evilly.

"Guess we have a lot of planning to do."


OK that was the crappiest ending ever. But I'm not good with endings. So there we go ! I might write a sequel. The end was hinting for one but I'm not sure now. Review? Please and Thank You -

- Love Angel