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Long distance-August 21st, 2007

Hearing about the summer they had,
I'm wishing I was them instead.
They all learned how to say "Goodbye",
and they're still calling it "I promise I'll try".
I'm reading and ripping up old letters,
they write that they'll be friends forever.
And cell phones, email, will help them along the way-
Technology can't help when there's nothing left to say.
I'm watching them run away from each other,
looking over their shoulders, not seeming too eager.
They think it's another chapter, the story isn't over yet!
I think you slammed ours shut, I never learned the end,
or maybe I refuse to see, you were always a faster reader than me.
And you're much more likely to start feeling bored,
while I'm much more likely to start feeling ignored.
I'm not sure why I can't finish, you're going to think it's all pointless
and that's if you bother to read it in the first place.
I think we've off track, we've turned back-to-back,
and I'm wondering if we can get back on the same page.
I'm not trying to complicate things, not trying to pin down anyone's wings.
I'm just wondering when you changed your mind,
when long-distance became too hard to define.
I'm sorry, age always seems to blur the lines,
the days we spend with others outnumber days we spent together,
yet I know those are the days I'll always remember.
I told you I'd be there for you-
it's not the kind of promise I'd ever take back-
and if what you need is time alone, I can give you that.
What I need is an answer; you've got to let me know-
is this a" promise to try" or is it a "Goodbye"-
Because I need to know if I need to let go.