They press on the keys
And make a musical masterpiece
A symphony with two
Where the characters are me and you

They're going to dance the night away
Till the night's no more
It's half past ten but five minutes for more
There's a rose on her cheek and stars in her eyes
And postcards in her pocket for when she spells out goodbyes

Dreaming, drifting and falling faster
Hyperventhilating heart, won't someone catch her
Heart is pounding like everyone can hear
"This only happens when he's near."

Spinning and turning so no one can understand
How she controls her actions
But lets him hold her hands
He says, "Don't do this you're just confused."
She's thinking, "You break hearts like I break rules."

Now the first girl has what she wants
But the second girl too
His heart shredded to pieces and back together by 2:00

Here's to a life made carefully with confusion

Maybe, baby, we could shatter
So let's just carry on with this charade