"OOO" what a feeling to wake up too. A sensation of saliva and steamy flesh rubbing back and forth on my clit. What a wonderful way to wake up I thought to myself…as my lover comes up and gives me a ravishing kiss "good morning" she says as she takes a breath "morning sexy" I reply.

It's been weeks since we have seen each other. Last night seems like foggy remembrance of passionate lovemaking. Oh how good she made me feel and from the moans I bet she was thinking the same.

"What time is it?" I asked…."Time for you to relax" she says as she begins to kiss my collarbone. "Besides I'm not done with you yet" she giggles, She begins to go down and nibble on my nipples. Her soft long black hair moving up and down my stomach.

"I love the way you make me feel" I tell her out of sincerity. "Really… How about this?" she says as she thrust two fingers into my wet pussy. A soft moan comes from under my breath. "I L-love that a lot" I stumble out…"I bet you do" she replies with a grin on her face. She loves watching me in pleasure.

Deeper she goes while using her pointer finger to make circles on my clit, faster and faster till I hit my relinquished climax. "My turn" I whispered in her ear with a soft bite on her earlobe.

I flip her over on her back as I hold her hands down to the bed. I smile and plant a passionate kiss on her soft lips. I started off with just making her dripping wet. Playing back and forth with her clit. She had me open like a vending machine with every moan that leaped from her mouth.

I kiss and touch her in all the right places till I hit my mark. Nibbling on her clit while I thrust three fingers inside of her heated room with plumbing. Rubbing her breasts with my free hand as her body squirms and her back arches above my head. "Babe look at me" she says as she pulls my head by my hair, I peeked my head from my position still putting my tongue to work. How beautiful she looks from this angel. Makes me just want to devour her more.

"AYE" she weeps as she lets off an orgasm. I rise and give her a kiss. " I love my taste" she says

" I do too" as I lick off what's left on my lips. Still tasting her, still with hunger for her.

" I love you," I say as we lay and caress each other's naked flesh.

"I love you too," she says