The next day I wake up to Pandora sleeping in my arms.Feeling every


breath she takes as she moves in closer for my warmth.I kiss her on her


' What should I do now? When she awakens how do I react? Is this just

another booty call? Jeez I hope not last nite was amazing'

She awakens and I give her a warm embrase.

"Hey!" she says as she lays another passionate kiss on my much awaiting


"Good morning to you too" I reply with a smile on my face.

"So?" she says.

'Ooo no another aquard moment for the taking'

She rolls over and looks at me

"So what?" I said as if I didn't know what the next question was going

to be.

"Whatz next?... where is this going to go?"

'Good question I must say...and honestly I have no fuccin clue...but I

hope it to be something good.'

"Ionno you tell me!"

She gives me another soft kiss.

"Ionno do you want to go out?"

'Holy shit really? Am I still dreaming or something?..somebody please

pinch me'

"Yea sure"

She smiles and gives me another kiss lasting for a good 20 minutes or


'Oh my goodness ...itz addicting!...its hard but I can't help but to

crave for this sexy woman that lyes in this bed next to me'

She gets on top of me and kisses me pationately.

"You ready?"

' Damn it I was born ready!'

Pandora begins so kiss me on my cheeks to my necc fliccering her tongue

like wild fire on my skin. I can't help but to shiver beneath her. She

takes a deep breath next to my ear as she begins to play with it


shivers down my spine.

She plays with my left breast, kissing her way down before engulfing my

right one.

'Oh my goodness...I feel like I fell into a sea of bliss'

A moan escapes my mouth as her saliva from her tongue touches my skin.

Bacc and forth her tongue moves on my hard sensitive nipple. She leans

in to my other nipple. My nipple already erect just from feeling her

breath on my skin.

'Damn I feel so bacced up...'

She kisses down my torso...every kiss with a tingly sensation giving me

goose bumps.

'I want her now! I can't hold this any longer! I want to taste her...

her skin,her warmth,everything.'

She kisses around my much awaiting and very wet cunt.

'The fuccing agony!'

"Babe please don't tease me like this" with much frustration in my


"Why should I give it to you so soon?" she gives my clit a licc.

I let out a moan.

"Cuz I want you now! I want to feel you!"I say as I pull her in to feel

her soft addicting lips against mine.

As she pulls away she smiles as if she had something up her sleave. At

this moment I don't care cause I want her to please me.

A wet feeling on my clit makes me jump up again.


Bacc and forth, side to side then slow her tongue moved on my

clit. Pushing my waist up to feel every inch of her hot muscle on my


'Oh god! What is she doing to me?'

"You like that?" she sayz witha evil grin.

" please babe oh my goodness!" I moaned with a whelp.

She sticcs on of her fingers in me.

"Babe another one!" I say awaiting another finger of joy.

She shoves another in me. A loud moan eachos through the empty house.

I thrust my pelvis towards her. Wanting to feel her deeper in me.

Wanting her to touch my walls and send my on my orgasmic carpet ride.

"Oooo babe!" I moaned.

"You want me to stop?" Pandora asked.

"NO!" I yelled.

She smiles and begins to fucc me harder.

"Oh shit!" I gasped out as a tear rolled down my face.

I pull her in for another kiss, trying to stop the moans from comming

out. She kisses me on my necc as she fuccs me crazy.

Moaning out of control, more tears of pleasure running down my face.

She stops as my orgasm flows out of my vagina like water.

"Damn,look at my hand" she says as she shows me her whole hand covered

in my juices.

Succing one finger at a time I taste my juices on her skin.

"I love the way I taste!" as I licc my lips.

She giggles "me too!" she exclaims as we begin to make out again.

Pandora lies down next to me and holds me in a embrace.

"You feeling good?" she says as she caresses my stomach.

"Yea!" I say trying to catch my breath.

"I've got a idea!" she says with a grin.

'Ok now I'm scared... first she gives me the best fucc of my life now

this...dramatic music please!'

"Lets make a fuccing game... every time we fucc we have to out due one


"Hmm...sounds like a challenge" I said with a big grin.

I get on her and give her a passionate kiss.