Sitting at the edge of her bed alone once again. Of course this was already a sad and desperate routine for Emily. How she longed for some one to share her bed with. To hold, kiss, and touch her in all her right places.

She was tired of just sitting around waiting for this none existent love to come and sweep her off her feet. But she didn't want a prince, or a man in knights' shiny armor. She wanted a girl to sweep her off her feet, to come to the rescue and save her depressed heart. So she decided to go out to a party she heard about from one of her bisexual friends. They invited her but it's not that easy going up to your parents and say

"Well you know guys I'm bored so I'm going to go out and bag me a couple of bitches tonight so I be home later deuce."

But some how she convinced them it was a good idea to get out the house and stop being so miserable.

As she enters the party she scans around looking for the friend that invited her to the party. There was nothing but girls all around the house. Making out, dancing, talking, it was like a big lesbian party. It's a weird feeling of right at home I would say.

"Hey!' Emily yells at her friend across the room.

"You decided to come awesome!' the short curly hair girl said.

She begins to introduce Emily to a couple of girls that she was standing around.

Some paired up with their partners, others winking, some she didn't even know what to think about them. It was some how frightening. So she sits down nervously looking around and a random dark haired woman comes to sits next to her.

"Hello, I never seen you at one of these parties before… My name is Lydia as she puts out her hand as if she was coming in piece.

" Hi my name is Emily, I don't really come to parties like this much," she said shyly.

"Yea it becomes a drag sometimes don't really get to see new faces' she says tiresome. "So I am to assume that's the reason your sitting next to me now, to get to know me and see if I'm cool enough to be around you, am I correct?" Emily said fiercely.

Lydia laughed at how bold this shy girl has become before her eyes. As she comes to a pause

" I see you not like everyone else here" she exclaimed as if it was a good thing.

'How about we go somewhere else and talk this is becoming a drag anyways" she says pulling Emily with her.

Not like she's resisting, the woman was beautiful. Spell binding green eyes, luscious full lips that smelled of mango, and the body of a Greek goddess. They end up at this beautiful house with a large gate in the front as the pull into the woman's drive way.

" Don't be scared," she says as she puts her hand on Emily's lap.

"I'm not," she says while taking a big gulp.

Knowing that inside she didn't really know what to expect from this woman. She didn't even know why the woman was so interested enough in her to take her to her home.

" Welcome, make your self at home," says the woman as she calls for the butler to bring them drinks.

Emily sits down on her leather couch more nervous than she was when she was at the party. Lydia sits next to her and puts an arm around her… sitting very casual and lady like. She passes an alcoholic beverage to Emily, she takes a sip.

"So tell me… why did u come to that party tonight?" asked the woman after she takes a sip of her concoction.

"Cause it was a party and I needed to have a night out of the house for once" Emily explained her self.

"That's not it at all… you go for the same reason all the other single lesbians go to those parties" Emily looks at her waiting for the reply so she can be amused.

"You just want to feel loved like everybody else don't you? … Its ok tonight you wont feel alone."

Lydia put down her drink and extended her arm for Emily to follow. Emily follows her up stairs to her room. There were dildos of all shapes and sizes all around her room. It looked like a weird dominatrix movie.

"So what kinky shit you into?" she says picking up a nine tails whip.

"Uh! None of that" although in the back of her mind she knew it would be fun to spank some one with one.

"Oh! I see your one of them good girls its ok I'll change your mind by the end of the night."

She then tells Emily to take off her clothes and pick out her choice of toys, But where to choose from? So she did as she was told sits the toys on a table next to the bed and laid naked on the bed waiting for her new fuck toy to fuck her brains out.

Lydia pokes out from behind this shade in the corner of her room. She looks even more beautiful naked. Kind of makes Emily shy about her body. Lydia gets on top of Emily and examines her… not with the eyes of course. She rubs on her nipples… lightly go over her stomach with her fingers, feeling how wet she is between her legs.

" Close your eyes and just enjoy the whole experience," whispered Lydia into her ear.

She began to flicker her tongue back and forth amongst Emily's nipples. Emily moaned for it's been years since she felt any loving like this. She kisses down until she feels Emily's warmth on her face. She gives her clit a lick and a blow just to see her squirm a little. How enticing her pussy is. Every lick is like a new flavor to her tongue. Faster the flicks and twists of her tongue play with her clit. She lifts her bottom up and sticks her tongue in her. Moving back and forth as her muscles clamp on to her tongue.

"Stop!" Emily screams but it only made Lydia give her more.

Emily's back arched completely off the bed as she tries to catch up with her orgasm.

"Not bad for your first" said Lydia

"First? U mean there's more?' Lydia laughed

" Awe you poor girl we just hit the whip cream on the ice-cream," she said pulling out one of the toys she told Emily to pick out earlier.

Lydia straps an electronic "pink panther" and puts both of Emily's legs on her shoulders. She sets it at the first level and begins to penetrate her slowly. Emily lets out a loud screech that echoed the large house.

Slap Slap Slap is herd from Lydia's movements getting faster.

She begins to smack Emily's ass Slap Slap.

Emily's cry of "OH MY GOD YES!" sends Lydia on a fucking hiatus.

Just before Emily is about to cum she pulls out. Lets her relax a moment then steps it up a notch to the next level. She begins to fuck her like a mad woman… all over the place. It's like the woman fucking studied the damn Kamasutra… then again her room. Seems like this fuck fest has been going on for days.

Lydia takes a break and light up a cigarette.

"You want one?' passing one to a very exhausted Emily.

" Fuck it why not!" she says as she lights one up.

"Come here!" Lydia says while she brings Emily closer.

" I know you still not scared after I seen you naked and fucked you" she laughs.

"Not at all its just that its been awhile you know" she puts her head down.

Lydia kisses her on the head as some type of reassurance that she's good in her arms.

Lydia get up and goes to the closet and pulls out this cute little outfit that's just perfect for any type of easy access.

She asks Emily "how do u feel about being spanked or spanking?' in a serious tone.

Emily giggles, "I don't know I never got the chance to do the spanking"

Lydia throws the outfit she pulled out the closet at her and tells her to put it on while she gets herself ready. When she's done getting dress she sees Lydia with some kind of gauze in her mouth in the position to be spanked with spanking toys next to her.

"Master" Lydia says " please don't be gentle with me for I've been very bad"

Emily picks up one of the toys and starts to play along with this new game. She hits Lydia soft but enough to make it sting.

"Harder" she says. So she hits her with all her might Pow.

A moan escapes Lydia's gauze. Again Pow this time she moans a little louder. She hits her continuously until she gets scared cause Lydia's ass has now become swollen. She rubs her ass and kisses it " good minion" she says and she lays Lydia on the bed. She begins to play with her nipples as she looks for another device to torture Lydia with.

"How about this one babe?" as she pulls out a weird looking object.

"That's just about right your learning quick or maybe there was a little freak in you that needed to be unleashed." She smirks then shows Emily how to use it and lets her go at it.

"Like this right?" buzz buzz buzz

"E-e-e-ex-a-actly like tha-at" she shudders trying to regain herself.

But Emily decides to go all out and let her suffer as she made her do.

"OOO Please More!' as Emily went deeper inside without any hesitation.

Lydia bucks up touching her breasts and playing with her clit to enhance the sure orgasm that will cum.

Emily stops and smiles… she goes down to the center of her desire and licks up every drop of cum flowing from Lydia's beautiful cunt. She wants to taste more, so she plays awhile with her clit as she cums multiple times in her mouth.

"Yummy" she says licking what's left off her face.

"I could do this more often" Emily says as she lays a kiss on those sweet mango lips.

"Me too" says Lydia as she lies next to Emily.

"This night would be perfect except just one thing," said Emily

She turns to face Lydia… and its as if she already knows.

Lydia puts her arms around Emily holding her tight as they fall asleep together.