My original characters. I gained no profit in working on these. Enjoy. "In the dead of the night" By: Pero-pero PROLOGUE

Damien Stratford was my bestfriend, enemy and my lover.

We both needed each other so badly that killing a person who even touches anyone of us gets killed by the other. We were magnificently young, restless and beautiful.

My Damien…was exquisite appealing to both men and women, whether it was an adult, a child, rich or poor. He was looked upon to most a God whose beauty comparable to one.

A walking aphrodisiac, lusted, adored, and loved and to them all he was indifferent except to me, Marcus.

I was to him his only friend and he is to me… we respected each other and how people would think of us making respect very important and very much part of our strange relationship. Not one single soul knows that we engaged beyond the boundaries of a normal friendship. We make love in every simple to most subtle of touches, never wasting any chances when we were alone. Sometimes we would only chastely kiss but as time passes kisses became not so innocent anymore, our bodies demanding more… our love making can be aggressive indulging in rough foreplay or slow and teasing before we consummate.

This particular side of our relationship was more than just a well guarded secret that we both agreed, it was something we don't want others to find out or even get a hint if we are into this sort of relationship. I think, keeping it a secret was also why taking each other and at the same time being outrageously careful is what made it more.. passionate.

I have always known that Damien loved me though he never did said it to me out loud, may be there might be that one occasion which he had but I wasn't so sure if he really said it.

I could still remember that day so vividly in mind, I was 17 and he had just turned 16. As a birthday present for him, I took us out in one of those city fair held annually.

Damien, for as long as I can remember was easily fascinated with anything that relates to science: inventions, discoveries, including the foreign trades and foreign lands. He was never more serious with this or happier than anything else when his curious or working on something new himself. We had walked and participated all day that before we even knew it the day had turned to night and the fair was closing. We managed to buy books and some other interesting things which I could only wonder how useful it truly were just like the inventors who claimed it was. He had that light blush in his cheeks already inspecting the tiny square gadget he held in between his fingers, called a chip stopping under a lamp post for a better inspection. I couldn't help but appreciate the fascination reflected in those pair of deep green set eyes of his that had seemed to look greener under the lamp light's artificial glow. When I noticed strands of hair disturbed by the cold night wind kept falling in front of his eyes, my hand moved naturally to tuck it away. He smiled as I stare down, letting the romance of the night get into our heads.

It was late and the part we're trekking was seemingly deserted, there were only us and a random stray dog sleeping next to the bench so we allowed ourselves to be a little more affectionate in public. We thought its okay if we indulge in the risk from time to time depending of course it was not so littered with people. The again, today had left us with an extra adventurous mood. There was also slim chances that we'll be seen. That put aside, and having the feeling he felt exactly the same way, I could hardly keep my hand off after looking at Damien, he has one of the nicest softest skin, pale almost porcelain in its color that had looked even more beautifully fragile under moonlight. I held the back of my hand letting it gently caress his flushed cheeks, its smoothness I have so long ago felt against mine countless of times. When he closed his eyes, my hand found its way to his collarbone I let my eyes settle on his strawberry red moisten lips. I couldn't help but smile filled with the familiar feelings of racing heartbeats and love. I love Damien so much, sometimes I get overwhelm by knowing he is mine. I had no fears of us and at the back of my mind I knew that one day we would eventually had to deal of coming out but right now, Damien was not ready and I don't want forcing anything on him.

My arms came around lower, slipping in the small of his waist. I drew him close before inching my face closer to his, brushing my lips to his forehead before lowering and tracing my tongue on the softness of his quivering lips prying him to open his mouth just enough to allow me to fully kiss him.

He deepens our kiss as he wounded his arms on the back of my neck, gently pressing putting more pressure and more physically contact between us.

"Thanks Marcus…for my present." He whispered breathlessly on my ears after. I could only grin when I felt his stiffness, slightly rubbing it into mine a sign that he wanted to make love. When we arrived at his place we continued were we left off in his room, the room unlike my own was a little cramped with a lot of his things that were mostly books hoarding most of the space, his bed wasn't too big either made to accommodate one body. Damien have a huge family the third from the children of nine, he has 5 brothers and four sisters the youngest which is only a 3 month old baby boy, named Damon. It was not only when he turned 15 did his parents decided to make a room for his own. The room was dark and quiet when we decided to stumble in almost ripping our clothes from each other we tackled from the small space kissing, sucking, nibbling before removing our clothes then clumsily dropped into his bed. I on the bottom this time and him on the top, we struggle first to get the oil as lube almost falling off from the bed. In the end we had managed a good position, he slid it in so quickly all with perfect ease. I grit my teeth feeling the muscles tightened around me, I observed with pride and watched with lust as my bestfriend maneuvered, sweat dripping down to his flat stomach. Every time he gritted his teeth when he pushed in deeper letting his body bury me completely made the thrusts that followed after harder and faster. I can tell by the way he responded that I've hit his prostate, pleased that his equally enjoying our love making as much as I'm losing myself from it. Pleasure and pain heightened our sensation. I sat up, licking his tears off from his eyes and the ones that fell from his cheeks as I pleasured him back with my hand, stroking him, badly wanting to end everything with his satisfaction in mind. The other one hand was lifted together with his buttocks massaging it, liking the feel of motion as it ascends and descends slamming into my thighs. I held him, wanting to feel everything, wanting to hear him make those guttural sounds of sex near my ears, no matter how many times we make love it always seem like our first, starting out clumsily or the last so passionate that we always ended up exhausted.

We kissed hard, muffling our gasps and moans careful not to disturb his family. Although it was hard not to be loud but somehow were getting used to it. He and I both came panting, orgasm were like always incredible. I laid down my head hitting the pillows as he lay heaving on top of me, making small kisses on my chest I can feel his satisfied smile on them. I held him longer, before I place him on my side.

And just faintly… he said those words.

"I love you….Marcus."

"Damien….me too." And right after I felt his body relaxed in sleep, unconsciously snuggling closer to me, I followed him to his dreams.

-4 years later-

Yes… that is how it all was then. Damien and I. I never thought he would marry my sister, Charlotte.

Now here I am standing next to him wearing a tux holding my glass of champagne sharing my blessings. Charlotte never looked more radiant or happier and perfect press on Damien's arms, and him looking just the same. He turns his head to my side with those green eyes of his reflecting me and for the first time, I couldn't tell what he was thinking. It only made me feel more betrayed and confused, extremely hurt with what is happening. It never did cross my mind that he would had want to settle with a real family, to have kids and be a father. If I had, who might have thought he would be marrying my sister. I had always imagined us together forever, but now it was only too much of a farfetched dream.

"For DAMIEN and CHARLOTTE, for a beautiful future together!!!" everyone cheered.

Damien kisses Charlotte. That tore me more than I could ever thought it would, why did I let them convince me to come, of course Charlotte had no idea that there was something between us with her recent husband than me being the bestfriend but Damien, he even asked me to be his best man, saying it is important to him if I agree. How could he even bring himself to ask me for something that much, after all those years. I love him! and I was more than sure he felt the same way but why is he marrying my sister. God.. I rather be somewhere else than stand here as witness of their union and yet all I could idiotically do is cheer, raise my glass in unison with the crowd.

It broke me.