Because the room he rented only has room for two
You thought it'd be a lovely evening just for you
The candle flickers because the window was left open
A few more seconds and the clock'll be striking once

There wasn't much time to have drinks and dance
He swept you off your feet and now you're praying it'll last
But one night stands are only one for a reason
Guys like him never more than a one-nighter

A commotion sweeps across the room
As he chases you in his boxers, yelling "DIRTY WHORE"
His friends all laugh and think it's a joke
But there's something deeper in your throat

Let's go down and we'll discover what can be found
How the manipulation of tongues can go
So much further than the words could take you

Let's come up and find nothing but myths
The lies he told everyone that you stripped to tease
The little fucker should have died in his seat

From neck to toe, dressed in the finest and best
You thought you'd be the toast of the town
But there was no room for the latter, no less
When the only thing you act like is a beast

Poison the well and we don't drink the water
Razorblades in the apples and we won't eat as well
Plague our minds with thoughts of suicide
We'll never go down as long as we can stand on our own two feet