They take my silence as
Subtle insecurities

But I laugh at such thoughts
My tongue is too busy
Playing my teeth like
Piano keys to use such
Frivolities as words
Stuck in the air because
They can't get
Anywhere while musical
Lyrics bend inside my
Mouth an orchestra
Being swallowed and
Digested into smaller
Pieces of originality to be
Spread across my body
Through my bloodstream

So while you speak in
Casual dialogues shaped
With cheap letters tied
Together in the strings of
Disengaged interest
I swim in pools of
Purple colored dreams
Made of hundred year
Old dances and bare
Feet stained in almost
Innocence with smudges
Of reality tainting the
Splendor of ballroom
Gowns sewn together
With gnarled wooden
Fingers twisted around the
Needle of imagination that
Cleanses my soul with
Fire-breathing children
Swinging from the leaves
Of trees clinging to their
Nooses slung around dainty
Wrists snowflake tears
Kissing their knees and
Eyelashes in shameless passion

And this childish set
Of events meander into
My head while watching
Your words drop dead onto
The pointed heads of
Grass mercilessly stabbed
To death in a massacre of
Thoughts and words placed
Firmly under your tongue to
Be held there but imaginary
Fingers have plunged to the
Depths of those lips' abyss
To unleash the mediocre
Sentences in a furious chaos

So allow me this small
Form of gratifying
Peace to stare through
Your image until you've
Become a silhouette and
My mind has dreamed
Away your speech into
Sunflowers growing out
From your mouth into the
Sky reaching for the
Nearest star and what lies
Behind it touching feeling
All the things that can't
Be seen if I choose to listen

I'll chew my cheek and
Listen quietly but worlds
Wait between your words