For one simple mistake,

One misguided word,

I am sent to my room.

You call it grounded,

But I call it sanctuary.

I can get away from my troubles,

No one to talk to,

Time to think about things,

That I have done…


I admit,

That it feels desolate,

I'm feeling desperate.

No one to talk to,

No one to tell how I truly feel,

No one to listen to my pain,

No one to love me.

Being grounded,

It doesn't feel any different,



I'm in my room,

I can't come out.

But, it already felt I couldn't get outside,

It's a sweltering prison,

You can't explain yourself,

You can' say anything you want to.

This is the way that I,

That I,

Express myself.

The only way it works for me.

The solitude suits me,

I always have something to do.

Think about you,

Write a story,

Inscribe that song,

That song,

That's been in my head…

It gives me time to ponder what bothers me day to day,

Write down what I want to say,

Because I obviously can't tell it to you,

Then, I'll get grounded.

It happens so often,

It's doesn't even matter anymore,

When you say that eight letter word,

I call it absurd,

To make you satisfied.

But, inside,


This little cold heart of mine,

Is reaching for you to notice me for the good.

I still cry for attention,

I hope that this would help you,

Help me.

I guess I didn't see so clearly.

It's just another grounding.

Don't get me wrong…

I love being grounded,

I can sing to the world,

Scream my heart out,

Read that book,

Jump on my bed…

I say now,

That it's the best thing that you've ever done to me,

But, it occurs so frequently,

It's not a gift,

It's an expectance.

If I don't get it,

It's a horrible day,

Well, isn't it anyway?

Because I don't get alone time,

From you and the other distractions.

I need to think things through.

You call it grounded,

But I call it sanctuary.