I've fallen down a hole,

a hole that has no end.

It only took one false step,

yet my whole body collapsed,

and fell through the inky blackness.

And as I look above me,

I see the circle of light and sky continue to shrink,

until it is gone entirely,

and I can see nothing,


But I don't feel nothing.

I feel too much,

I am surrounded in emotion and soaked in expression,

and as I fall,

memories of life fill me,

and I struggle to make sense of it all.

I am tangled,

in memories of words and actions.

I am trapped,

by my indecision to do anything about it.

I cry,

because I can't make the decision for my own good,

because its so damn hard.

And I don't want to let go,

but I'm afraid I have to,

a fear so paralyzing,

that in the end I haven't really done anything.

A fair generalization of my life.