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'Well, what are we going to do?' Jennea said, more like a statement than a question.

'We can't do anything, the line will have to end with us, without us no more will be trained the magic will fade away, once we die the magic will die too,' Sennova said mournfully.

The last witches and wizards sat in a circle, they could do nothing, their execution was set for tomorrow. The king had caught them despite their careful hiding. They were the most powerful, the other witches and wizards had been killed one by one, their power couldn't stand up to the power of the current king…

Magic was feared over all over the kingdom, the king Thron himself had magic but it was a closely guarded secret, the witches and wizards only knew because Garnarrh, the most powerful wizard (along with Jennea), had trained him. Garnarrh cursed the day he decided to teach Thron, that had turned out badly that's for sure. Thron had been using his magic to flush out the magical people, forcing power on them till they burned every thing around them. Their deaths were horrific. He had finally found the last by torturing one of the young witches…

'There is nothing we can do', Jennea was back to her rhetorical statement.

'What is Thron intending to do after he kills us?' asked Ynella

'I suppose he's going to rule supreme with a power unequalled, until he dies that is…' said Jennea.

'Unless someone kills him…he's not exactly immortal…' said Sennova thoughtfully.

'He's going to go into Sorcerers Sleep, and come back in 100 years,' said Garnarrh, 'he told me once when we were studying death and immortality.'

They all knew the pain that Garnarrh felt; he had hardly said a word the whole time they had been locked up here, Thron had been like a son.

'Why is he going to come back? He will only have a half life, a cursed life,' asked Driftah, he was confused, he had quite a bit of power but not many brains to use it, he had just escaped Thron because he was married to another witch Kenilly, who had kept him safe.

'I think he wants to try to achieve immortality, you know keep coming back until he can find the answer,' said Driftah's wife thoughtfully.

'I wonder what will happen if he comes back after a second life,' said Ynella, 'could he then have a quarter life, or a eighth of a life?' the pressure was too much for her, she burst into hysterical giggles.

' Ynella, get a hold on yourself!' Jennea snapped the tension was getting to her too, 'isn't there any way to stop him?'

'The only thing that would stop him would be if we could travel through time… if only he hadn't put these stupid protections on this room so that we can't escape!' The wizard Basmn said he was at a loss, he had just become a wizard and he was just getting to know the extent of his full power, now it will all come crashing down.

'Wait! I remember, what about the rebirth spell? If we can't travel through time maybe we can send others our power…' said Garnarrh.

'Yes, that could work, but would all our power be too much for one person? And who would teach this person?' said Jennea staring into the fire.

'We could use two people, and maybe we could send a projection of one of us… we couldn't use magic and could probably be in human form for about a month, long enough to teach a powerful man to use his magic… but who?' said Garnarrh, thinking out aloud.

'I would be happy to be that person,' said Covoac a old scholar, 'I have taught many people.'

'Yes, that would be good… hang on, before Garnarrh you said a powerful man, couldn't it be a woman just as easily?' Jennea said

'Wait, don't fight, we will need two people to carry the power to defeat Thron, we could have one male and one female, couldn't we?' asked Ynella trying to calm both sorcerers.

'Yes, that would be fine, and Covoac, you realise if we do this you will come down from the mighty heavens for one month, you wont be able to use magic, your sole occupation is to train the woman and man.' Garnarrh said making sure that Covoac understood.

'Yes, I understand,' Covoac said nodding

'Everyone else must agree with this and realise that if we perform this spell we will use up so much power that we all will die. Do you all understand?' Jennea said as the other seven witches and wizards nodded their heads, 'good, then we will proceed.'

The eight sorcerers gathered around the fire with heavy hearts, they all knew this was the only way that Thron could be stopped. Jennea and Garnarrh started chanting the words used to invoke great power.

'For the female, gold!' Jennea cried drawing out of nowhere a thin gold wire.

'For the male, silver!' Garnarrh shouted pulling a silver wire in the same manner.

Jennea took both of the wires and twisted them together; she then laid them in front of her.

'Herbs for the fire!' she called as Ynella threw herbs only known to witches and wizards on to the fire, the fire roared.

'Embers from the fire to turn to stone, for strength!' Jennea said, she and Garnarrh reached into the fire and drew out two coals, immediately as they were brought out of the fire, the embers cooled and became had as jewels, one red and one a deep blue. The two sorcerers laid the stones in front of them.

'Now, for the last, the power!' Garnarrh called, the witches and wizards all took a deep breath, and eight hands plunged into the fire their owners screaming in pain, the fire changing to a rainbow of different colours.

'The gems!' Garnarrh called, with their free hands, biting their lips in pain, Jennea and Garnarrh picked up the gems and threw them over the fire where they smashed into a million pieces, scattering the shards over the eight hands.

'The wires!' gasped Jennea; she picked up the wires and dropped them over the fire… they hung there spinning… then the dropped…

A mighty scream pierced the cavern… the last witches and wizards were no more…