I have heard that God has said
in His book that homosexuality
is a sin (I have not
the time nor the piety
to find the exact passage);
I have also read somewhere
that it could be a biological
distinction rather than some
voluntary choice. And
something else about being
made in Someone's image,
although we do seem to be
a rather diverse group.
In the newspaper a few
days ago, there was an article
about how "children who watch
television for more than two
hours a day are more likely
to have attention problems
as teenagers". I know
for a fact that I watched
ungodly amounts of TV as a
kid, and I can concentrate
just fine. (Admittedly, I am –
thank heavens – beyond those
troubling years of 'teen, and
perhaps these studies don't
work retroactively.) So,
it just makes me wonder
how much faith I should put
in science (and vice-versa).
For as long as we have
been praising both, they seem
rather inconclusive, don't they?
Ah well – I'll continue studying
the Bible and praying before
my biology exams, and hope
that something will keep
my attention on TV tonight.

TMK 9sept2007