It was a little alarming
when you first realized that
your father was homophobic
and your mother was a Republican.
But then, they were still
your parents, and they were
ordinary people who had lived
for half a century and had
known for too long the fears
and bigotry of the world
you were now just beginning
to understand. And they were
not extremists or radicals
or subversive anarchists,
just two regular ex-
wannabe-hippies with
government jobs, wanting
to protect their four kids
(those overachievers) from
nightmares nobody had ever
dreamed of, to give them
childhoods that they had
all but forgotten and
abandoned long ago, to
love them unconditionally
even if they didn't love
themselves (divorce papers
finalized in April 1996).
They know what change is;
they are slow to adjust,
just like everyone,
but they will eventually
come around – just like
everyone (we hope).

TMK 9sept2007