Today in lecture,
the professor of Islam
(the religion and cultures),
Mr Fairis, told us:
"To be an atheist
is to believe in God.
You give God existence
by denying Him.
A true atheist would
have no concept of God,
would not understand,
could not comprehend
the theism of these
religions." No one
argued with him.
(We are a silent bunch
in that lecture hall.)
Maybe we were all
still a little bitter
that bad things have
happened to good people,
disenchanted that our
prayers for money
to fall from the sky
never amounted to
anything. Somehow,
I don't doubt it.

TMK 11sept2007

A/N: That's not my prof's actual name, and that is not a direct quote, but a poorly-remembered poetically-recreated version of it. Also, he's a white guy who was born in the US. In case you were wondering about any of that.