A/N: Something I wrote for english. My teacher liked it and I figured I'd put it up here..

I lie in my bed, staring up at the ceiling, darkness surrounding me. The never-ending black is almost suffocating, the way it coats everything in its path. I reminisce on the past events. The things I should of, could of, would have done if only I had more time. A million thoughts rush through my head. Memories appearing and then being replaced by another immediately.

I see grassy hills, the sun shining on the morning dew. I smell fresh-picked strawberries with a slight tinge of chlorine in the background. Broken sentences and stray words barely sprinkled throughout the rapid chain of sensations.

The image changes to a rainy day. I can feel the rain lightly splattering on my skin, and the distinct feel of tears running down my face. I cry out, and the noise echoes around me, repeating until it's too far to understand anymore. I fall to my knees, ignoring the pain shooting through my legs.

Just as quickly as the rain came, it stopped. The feeling quickly being replaced by warmth. I see a fire crackling, brilliant shades of orange and red captivating in the way they weave in and out. Instead of the hard ground of the previous memory, I feel a warm blanket on my legs and a soft rug underneath me. I taste hot chocolate running down my throat, burning just slightly in the most pleasurable way. The light scent of warm cookies comes from somewhere behind me. Another body sits next to mine and simply stares at the fire with me.

The memory fades to black, the scents, sights and feelings being replaced by a comforting numbness. I feel something pulling at my mind, my soul. I close my eyes, not realizing they were open in the first place. A warm tingling feeling washes over me and then... nothing. My breathing slowly comes to a stop as I fall into an eternal sleep. This is not the end, merely a new beginning.

A/N: Just to clarify, yes, the person dies. That's what I mean by "eternal sleep".