The camera captures a still image

It captures one second in a million

You can't see the shine from water on her face

Or the blood of battle scars on her body

- no -

You only see the basic structure of her face

And her smile…

Before she had to use so many more muscles

And let the rare crystal structures

Fall from her eyes

In the form of tears

Falling down her face in a pattern

More rhythmic than rain

And shattering as they hit the floor

Making her walk between the broken pieces

Hoping that everything will be okay…

A picture is just another masquerade

Another lie that says,

"I'm okay."

With a smile and a sparkle in the eye

((that no one knows is just another tear falling))

A picture is a mystery

To find the truth behind the look

A puzzle to solve

To see if you can find the missing piece

Of what's real

It's about looking for

The lines and creases

That no one else can see

The freckles that are dying

And the jagged hair cut

It's about looking for the dark circles

And unkempt eyebrows

Anything that may be a little

For your friend

But every once in awhile a picture will tell truth…

But the secret is to be able to tell

When it's just another