I love how you don't get it

Just talking the day away

You don't understand that

It will wither with the leaves

As winter blows the fall out of season…

Talk is falling like leaves all over the country

Not for any purpose

Not to solve anything

As talk is all that happens

I used to wonder how adults could love such things as politics

Government, and economy

When there were dolls to name

And songs to sing

But now, although my interests are molded

In a way similar to the adults,

I still find it pointless

To just talk.

It's all arguing with no solution

Otherwise, there might be some point

And if it is your job, maybe it is

But then, the topics of conversation are like the wind

It comes and it goes

Conversation rises with interest

But the law of gravity reveals the truth of what happens

As it states,

"Whatever goes up, must come down."

Interest in one topic doesn't last forever…

And neither does this world

Talk is inexpensive

So everyone purchases it

And uses it in their daily life

But eternity is the only thing

That would be meaningful to speak of

And yet most people don't

Words are honestly just razorblades,

Tears and broken glass

They kill more often then people let them give life

Words are as bipolar as the wind

They give a breeze in the summer heat

A refuge to the creatures of the desert

But it is an oppressor to the family

Near the ocean during hurricane season

Where the wind is the very thing

That rips houses off of their foundations

Words kill and words give life

Words are meaningless without actions

Words without deeds is like digging a grave

They're as good as dead.

Talk is inexpensive

So everybody purchases it

And uses it in their daily life

Never knowing how pointless it really is

And how much it will eventually