Choke back your pills

Gulp down the bittersweet sensation

Wipe the tears from your pale eyes

Paint your nails in the dim light

Comb back your hair

And colour in your face

Swallow the feeling of failure

That devours you from within your soul.

Take a look around

Clean the cuts that envelope your wrists

Hide them under bandages of white cotton

And a white school shirt gets pulled on

Over your black top

That hides your insecurities

In a veil of stereotypical fantasies.

Walk out of your house

Switch on the mp3 that plays the tracks

That you don't want to hear

But you close your eyes and whistle something happy.

There you stand

For the world to see

Nothing matters

No one bothers

One more day

And tomorrow you know

That all this will be the same

But you are running out of pills to take away all the pain.