Consumed by pain and emptiness,

The hunger's growing greater.

My stamina becoming less,

This cannot wait for later.

Yet wait I must, to my dismay,

To quench this void inside.

This craving will not go away

And won't be satisfied.

I sit in place as time ticks on

And wait in agony.

Ability to wait is gone;

Prolonged is misery.

Longing I cannot extinguish;

Terror growing stronger.

My stomach cries in hurt and anguish.

I can't bear this any longer!

A shrill noise pierces through my thought,

Granting precious relief.

No longer shall I be distraught;

This is the end of grief.

The bell has rung and class is done,

A sensation so, so sweet.

The struggle to wait for lunch is done;

Now I can go and eat.