Yearbooks; the epitome of memories, laughter and happiness. Everyone loved yearbooks, and Jamie's homeroom class was no exception.

Jamie grinned as Levaya deposited his yearbook in his lap, taking a moment to survey the cover as she seated herself beside him. This year it was vibrant orange, studded with quotes and phrases from the graduating class in all different colors. It was an idea Rory had suggested, being on the yearbook staff, and one that had been readily accepted.

"So, d'you guys like it?" Rory was sitting in the desk in front of Jamie, straddling the chair to sit backwards. His yearbook was propped up against the edge of Jamie's desk, and from the angle of the pages Jamie could see it was open to the 'Cutest Couple' page. There was a mischievous smirk on Rory's face as he glanced from Jamie to the open book, a smirk that made Jamie flip his yearbook open, skip past the pages of his classmates, and find out what it was that was making Rory look so devious.

The room was almost silent, and Jamie could almost feel the eyes of his classmates on his bent head. He found out soon enough why they were waiting; there was the usual header: 'Cutest Couple, '08', but underneath was something Jamie never would have expected.

Pictures of he and Jonathan Maverick were splashed across the page, both in black and white and in color. They each had one picture to themselves: Jamie sitting in an oak tree somewhere on campus, looking pensive and thoughtful and windblown, and Jonathan grinning uncharacteristically at the camera, one hand raised in greeting and hazel eyes laughing.

The rest of the photos were ones Jamie never remembered being taken; he and Jonathan sitting together in the same oak tree in the previous photograph; walking side by side and smiling; studying over the same book, his hand over top of Jonathan's. And there was another one of them, both with their heads down on the desks so all you could see was the tops of their heads and his fingers were laced through Jonathan's, their arms joining in the aisle that split the two desks apart. A second, more dreamy picture caught Jonathan leaning against the railing at a beach he vaguely recognized, situated atop a hill, and looking fondly out at Jamie as he faced the sun.

There was a picture that seemed familiar to Jamie, depicting he and Jonathan actually posing and not being photographed candidly. Jamie was standing upright, facing sideways and his hand outstretched, flipping the camera off. His expression was one of distaste, eyes dark and his mouth turned in half a frown. In contrast, Jonathan was slouched with his arm around Jamie's shoulder, arm curled into his chest and fingers forming the peace sign. His lips were pushed into a pout, eyebrows raised suggestively.

Vaguely he remembered talking to whoever had taken that picture, trying to recall who it was as he scanned the rest of the page. There was one that he actually did remember, of Jonathan sitting in a desk with his fingers hooked through Jamie's tie, pulling his down to his level with an endearing smirk on his face. Jamie's face read something to the effect of 'no. not now' or possible 'are you serious?'. And another whose photographer he remembered to be Levaya, with Jonathan wearing a predatory smile and Jamie flushing bright red. It sat next to a picture of Jonathan just smiling in earnest and Jamie, once again, blushing. The caption underneath it read 'See the difference? We don't.'

Jamie gave something of a twitch and flipped the page, anything to get his mind off of those pictures. He found himself on the two pages belonging to the 'Oddest Clique' section, and once again found himself in the pictures. This time they weren't romantic in orientation; there was Levaya, grinning like an idiot with Rory, also smiling, hugged to one side and Jamie, smiling brightly, on the other. Another bore he and Rory sitting across from each other at the lunch table, a stack of cards fanned out between them. Rory looked distinctly pleased and Jamie looked frustrated; in the background Levaya stood over Jamie's shoulder with a mirror, flashing his hand to the redhead. On the right side of the right page were four photos, arranged vertically: Levaya, grinning happily with a sketchpad in her hands; Jamie below her, sticking his tongue out playfully and holding a test he'd aced; Rory tilting his head quizzically, a camera dangling from his uplifted hand; and Jonathan, looking frantic and harried with his books under his arm as he sprinted to his next class.

There was one of Levaya high-fiving Jonathan with both hands, and beside that was one of Rory and Levaya pushing Jonathan and Jamie together. A second picture beside it was of Rory and Jonathan playing tug of war with Jonathan's shirt, Rory looking amused and Jonathan irritated. Next to that was Rory hugging Levaya from behind, his chin on her shoulder, Levaya's face clearly surprised, and the next picture was all four teens with their arms intertwined, walking down the hallway.

The last two pictures were of Jamie and Jonathan; the first with their arms around each other's shoulders and smiling at the camera, the second of Jonathan reading on the floor and Jamie sprawled, sleeping, across his lap.

This inspired Jamie to let out a frustrated shriek and flip back to the 'Cutest Couple' page, stand up, and let loose with, "What the hell?"

"You guys are adorable," Levaya's friend Mel said offhandedly, shrugging at him.

"And besides, you guys really were the cutest couple." Rory prodded him in the chest, grinning in amusement. "When we voted, those were the results. Hence the pictures."

"Are you serious?" Jamie yelped, eyes wide. "Me and Maverick? You're kidding, right, because–"

"Because what? You're only in love with him, Jamie, that's all," Levaya interrupted, meeting his eyes with the same content smirk of his face. "Admit it."

"With Maverick? I am n–" Whatever Jamie had been going to say had been cut off as he was pushed backwards into his seat, landing heavily on the blue plastic. He had time to inhale, almost gasp, and look up before Jonathan had settled into his lap and kissed him senseless.

"What did I tell you," Jamie heard Levaya exclaim triumphantly over Rory's giggles. He could care less though, concentrating just a little harder on Jonathan's fingers digging into his shoulders.

And then there was a sound that Jamie now despised above all things: the click of a camera's shutters. It was accompanied by Jonathan separating himself from Jamie, whose face was flushed, and grinning all too widely.

Jonathan stood up, satisfaction written all over his face, and circled around the desk to look at the digital screen on the back of the device. Rory had captured three pictures: one of Jonathan in Jamie's lap, smirking at the surprised deer-in-the-headlights look on Jamie's face; one of Jonathan and Jamie actually kissing; and one of Jonathan leaning back, triumphant and content, while Jamie was blushing and breathless and wide-eyed.

"That one's nice," Jonathan commented, gesturing to the last picture.

Jamie's jaw dropped, eyes riveted on Jonathan. "Are you serious, Rory? You took pictures?"

"I can't help it if you're that public," Rory answered shamelessly, looking at him over the camera. "You shouldn't do things like that where people can take pictures of them."

"What?" Jamie interjected in disbelief. "He just kissed me! Like, out of nowhere, and all you have to say is 'not in public'?"

"I was thinking more along the lines of 'get a room', but that works nicely too," Levaya said, chuckling at Jamie's expression.

Jonathan raised an eyebrow at Levaya's statement and a familiar smirk crossed his face. The equally familiar plea of 'oh my god, not here not now' flew through Jamie's mind. That thought only intensified when Jonathan came around the desk again, grabbed his hand and pulled him out of the seat.

"I'm sure I can find one of those," Jonathan said, casting a brief glance at Levaya (who was obviously elated) and he began to pull the brunette toward the door.

"The best way to spend a day is getting laid," Rory rhymed teasingly, pushing Jamie on as he stumbled after Jonathan.

"Uhm–" was all Jamie could stutter, flushed red, as he was led away to the delight of his classmates. Catcalls followed him and he could discern Levaya and Rory's unified shout of 'Protection, Jamie!' among those of the others.

"Don't you just love yearbooks?" Jonathan asked as he pushed Jamie into a hallway closet, the sound of a lock clicking shut echoing behind him.

"Thank god for Rory and his camera," Jamie replied, grinning.