Well, shit.

I don't really know what to say.

Lily palmed this off to me -

"It's the last few pages, do it yourself you lazy bastard."

She said, flicking her hand at me. Who died and made her Chieftain?

Where is the meek watcher I first stumbled on in the dark of the night, writing?

Where is the quiet, placid girl who put into words generations of kids?

Lily has changed.

I'd like to say that blush is a result of my mad scribing skills.

Lily isn't the only one, or thing to change.

Everything has changed, really.

I came here and took on something that was way bigger than me.

Way bigger than any individual and I'm going to leave with my head high.

I don't know if it'll go in my Resumé but it'll sure as hell stay with me forever.

They worship me here, now.

Can't say it doesn't get on my nerves.

It would get on anyones.

Make me a leper any day.


Thing is, I personified what the kids here needed.




I'm not arrogant - I'm honest.

What they didn't see was the confusion.

The worrying.

The questioning.

The hours and hours of planning at night.

The secret meetings with Sara.

God I was angry when she pulled that kidnapping.

That was not on.

It was after that when we decided perhaps it was too much.

Too much on top of school and too many secrets.

We were tired.

The students were tired.

The teachers were sniffing closer.

Sara and I worked together after that - we devised the final prank.

We hunted photos.

We phoned ex-students.

We spent hours at photo printing stores.

We entertained ourselves thinking up captions.

We worked harder than ever.

We almost strangled each other with frustration.

But it was worth it.

That day everything was worth it.

I did what I was meant to - I got a neat, clean truce where every student felt like they were victorious.

I got a sweet, punishment free deal with the teachers.

The look on Principal Glass' face!

Oh, I don't doubt there'll be repercussions.

Detentions for undone shoelaces?

Extra homework for talking in class?

Essay overloads for no apparent reason?


But we can deal.

We will deal because all the time the victory is ours.

We showed them that their authority was a sham.

A thin veneer over a seething pool of revolution.

Am I being tacky?

Lily says it's like reading Jane Austin's vomit.

I believe I'll take offense to that.

Horrid girl, reading over my shoulder...

If you don't watch out, Lily, I might have to do something about it.

Don't think I won't.

Stop whining about my sentence structure and double negatives and do something proactive.

Something other than muttering about grammatical errors and shuffling back and forth you're wearing a path in the carpet.

As I was saying, Redfern and Macaulay, I believe, already have another project in the works.

They can't hold these kids back long and now with double the resources... well, let's just say I'm glad I'm finishing school this year...

Doc Out has risen to the post of leader quite smoothly.

Clearly I inspired him with my wicked ways.

Dear, green-haired little fellow.


So that's it, I guess.

This is the end of a rather tumultuous year.

It's been fun.

It's been tiring.

It's been hard.

An adrenaline rush.

A hassle.

An education (in more ways than one).

It's been a year for friendships.


It's been a year for the past.

And the future.

It's been a year for laughter.

And sometimes tears.

A year for unity.



It's been a year for learning.

And me? I've learned nothing is more important than having someone who is a friend... and more.

Lily taught me more than she'll ever know.

I won't write it down - it's not all G rated.

Just know, Lily (I know you're reading this), that I'm sorry I made you cry and I hope you'll forgive me.




I take it that kiss means you do?




Okay, so this really is the end.

Have a nice life, or whatever.

Live long, wreak havoc and die hard (nothing like ending with a cliche, right?).