The woman walks towards her and extends her hand, "Amrender wishes to send you home, My dear. Come."

She shakes her head, "I can go home on my own. I need to go back to Kya." Already the child was trembling with something approaching terror, how angry would Kya be with her for getting caught, she didn't know. Zara shook her head, "I'm afraid we won't be going there. I said Amrender wished to send you home, not where you've been raised."

T'Kala looks at the woman, what madness is this?, "THAT IS MY HOME!" She screams it at the woman. her fear and frustration peaking

"He will send you to your family, once we find them." Zara seemed so honest, yet T'Kala had a hard time even believing her.

T'Kala screamed in frustration, "WHAT family, they are DEAD, ALL DEAD!"

Zara shook her head again. "They are not dead. He told me that some he knew had been told to keep watch for one like you. They will know where to find then."

It was to much for T'Kala her anger, rage and pain broke through the rock hard discipline. She reached out with her mind, ignoring the ringing, ignoring the static that wanted to put her on her knees, she HAD to figure out where she was, and she cried out her defiance and pain, "THEY ARE DEAD, ALL OF THEM, AND KCHRONAENS KILLED THEM!"

She dropped to her knees then, holding her pain in. Zara's hand went to her shoulder, "We killed none of your family. You simple don't believe that Kya lies to you." The woman touches her cheek next, "Amrender is a truthful one. He would not lie, even if he somehow wished to. Aside from the fact that we wouldn't have done that. You would be better served finding your family, than living in fear of Kya hurting you again."

T'Kala shakes torn between wanting to believe and fear of what she knows will happen when Kya finally finds her, "Let me go home...To KYA!"

Zara shakes her head, "No, she hurts you, doesn't she."

T'Kala doesn't answer she knows better, her "mother" has always been careful to never leave a bruise where someone can see it. The bruises are under her clothes, on the soles of her feet in her biped form. In the form of flaring nerves from pain orbs, never a visible mark.

Zara scowls and says firmly, "As thought. I, for one, am tired of others hurting you, girl. I hope you can forgive me for it." And once more the world goes wild as Zara speaks, "NOW COME!"

T'Kala screams back, fighting to keep her feet, "NO!" A primal defiance.

Zara shakes her head, "you can fight it if you want, but it will only become more confusing, until you accept it. You ARE going to be taken to people you believe to be dead."

T'Kala shook her head, fighting the confusion; the way the world would dissolve only to reform and dissolve again.

Zara's voice becomes soothing as T'Kala shivers on the ground, "People, girl, who are alive and well, and concerned for you. People fearful they may never get the chance to EVER see you, at all. COME WITH ME NOW!" The last words are spoken with power and again T'Kala rebels

"NO!" T'Kala is trembling the power seems to push her down, "I don't TRUST YOU!"

Zara walks forward and takes the girl-child's hand in hers, touching it, letting her feel the warmth, the caring the concern. "Is this the touch of a monster?"

The girl obviously doesn't trust Zara even half as much as she did Amrender, her words show it, "You Kchronaens are masters of trickery."

Zara allows herself to chuckle a little, "I couldn't be a master. I am female. It would have to be mistress, wouldn't it?" T'Kala could see the admiring and approving look in the woman's eyes. Feel a sort of affection, how to turn it to her advantage.

"Don't play games with me."

"If I am truthful with you on so small a matter, why would I be less truthful on a large." and the woman puts her arm under T'Kala's supporting her as she trembles from effort. She will need to eat and soon. And not fruit.

Zara speaks again, this time her voice honestly questioning, T'Kala can feel her concern in her head, "Why do you want to go back to pain and hurt. For all the accusations of us lying, you desire to deceive as well. Act as if it doesn't hurt."

T'Kala shakes her head, "Kya takes care of me." And that is true, food, water, clothing, medicine, all from Kya's hand.

"I have already seen the pains, the price of that care."

"Don't play games, Kchronaen."

Zara doesn't seem to listen, "Step away from what is allowed, and she strikes you, doesn't she. And you desire no games? Very well. NO GAMES!"

Zara's face is furious and T'Kala tries to back away, lightning crackles and flares around the Kchronaen woman's body. it reaches out and surrounds her, and T'Kala screams in terror, sure she's going to die, yet instead she feels herself stripped naked, standing there her bruises showing.

Zara walks towards her and touches one of the formerly hidden bruises. "Now do not THINK of LYING!" Then her hand moves to the ribs that show in such stark relief, "THOSE ARE NOT RIGHT!" The words seem to strike like blows, each bruise, each rib aches from the words.

T'Kala tries to find an escape route, but Zara will not let go, "You fear me now, because I wish to help. So like your treatment of Amrender." The hand once more goes to her cheek, "If so, then by all means, blame me, little girl. You know fully well where those hurts and bruises come from, and it has never been us."

T'Kala shakes her head trying to understand this and finally she hits on a reason that she can understand, "You'll help me, then expect me to bed you. That's how it works, isn't it? Male, Female it doesn't matter."

Zara freezes then, her eyes filled with shock and pain before they close and she swallows, tears seem to shine in her amethyst eyes.

"If I had known you'd be so weak to be concerned about my bruises, I'd have shown them sooner, then killed Amrender when he bedded me. I've done it before.

Zara looks away then, T'Kala can see her shoulders shake, but with what the girl can't tell, "Amrender is a great man, little Rin. He'll someday be one of the best of our people. Just like you'll be one of the best of yours, when you meet your family again. But he'll have to do that. I have little taste for the thoughts of mine, for now."

T'Kala realizes she DOES have a weapon, if she can get THIS Kchronaen to leave her alone just for a few minutes escape might be possible. "What, you don't want to try me? Kya made sure I know what to do, I'm told I'm very skilled."

The older female turns back, the words seem to hit her like knives, the look on her face almost makes T'Kala feel guilty. "Someday," Zara's voice is shaking as she speaks, "Someday, it is hoped that what you've had to go through will be forever undone. That happiness will be yours, and the memories can be cleansed, made right. But whether that is accomplished by one of us, or one of another people, far away from here...I know I am not them."

"Why would I want that. I am GOOD at what I do," there is a quiet pride in T'Kala's voice then, "Except for Amrender, I have never failed to take out a Target."

"You will NEVER take out Amrender, he is to strong for you."

"But Kya said he's to die. And if I die in doing it, she will miss me but train another." There was a longing she hated to hear in her voice. How long had T'Kala wished for any sign that Kya cared.

Zara nods then, "Kya says and does a lot of things, it seems. She doesn't love you. Amrender, and the rest of us, we do. We'd miss you, Very much. You just don't believe that yet."

"You don't EVEN KNOW ME! Hell you haven't even asked my name yet! BITCH!" How could this woman claim to love her, to care for her. How dare she.

Zara said it slowly calmly, "We know you enough to see that you are a beautiful, strong willed young woman. And as for your name, it is S'kaja'a Asha'a." T'Kala shivers, it sounded like a Rin had said it, perfectly inflected, "Am I right"

T'Kala dropped to the ground, all resistance gone, her face suddenly open, "My...I think you could call her mother, used to call me that, the other children, they called me Kaja." The name she couldn't remember til she heard it. S'kaja'a Asha'a.

Zara kneels and gathers the now unresisting girl into her arms, "Your family remembers you, and misses you. I would like to take you back to them."

It is a little girls voice, not the cool young killer that speaks, "They are really Alive?"

"If they are not, it would certainly be a terrible pain for us. And NOT of our doing. But be aware, they are no 'worshipers' of our people, in the least." Zara chuckles at that last statement. "In fact, they are well-near wary of us, most are almost fearful. But they respect us enough to tell us of their beloved daughter, and what they wish for her. To come back to them."

T'Kala reaches out again and tries to force her way into the woman's head, to tell if she DOES speak the truth, but no images, no feelings come, just a feeling of static and power, it's almost like trying to read a computer, "I want to SEE, if they are anything like me, they will not have aged."

Zara shakes her head, "They age, you age, and you just don't see it like we can."

T'Kala looks at Zara her eyes pleading, "I want to SEE them before you take me away." Zara's eyebrow rises for a moment, then she tilts her head to the side and waits for T'Kala to go one. "Let me SEE their faces, please."

Zara shakes her head, "No, you will have to do what is distasteful; you will have to prove this Strength to me. You will have to trust me."

"No! I WILL know, show me NOW!" T'Kala can't make the ground shake or the sky ring with thunder, yet she can tell that this woman is shaken a bit by the power behind her words.

The Kchronaen female takes a deep breath, "And if I don't...Would you seek to kill me, like you did a good man?"

T'Kala can't bring herself to say no, even though she knows it's true. Unlike most of Kya's assassins, she never takes out anyone if she can help it. Instead she just snarls, "Then I stay here until I starve!" Which would be sooner than she cared to think about. Her reserves of S'ta'shin were nearly shot. Soon she would HAVE to hunt or risk loosing her mind.

The woman just sits on the ground, her legs crossed her hands resting on them limply. T'Kala doesn't see any other real option and curls up as well. The woman lowers her head then, her face first growing contemplative, then blank. T'Kala assumes the woman has fallen asleep.

Silently the young Rin female rises and heads for the lake where her prey had disappeared . She will find this Amrender and see if the female spoke the truth, about all of it. She doesn't notice the Kchronaen female watching her, and when she is far enough ahead rising to follow.