I am so, so sorry.

In fact, we're all sorry. We're sorry for all the times we used the word "love", because obviously we didn't use it strong enough or often enough.

We're sorry that we were timid and shy in the beginning, and that we opened up to you, because we guess it wasn't open enough.

We're sorry that we're not that girl in the porn, on the build board, or the one you sometimes wished we were. We're also sorry that we didn't wanna change to be like them.

We're sorry for trying to keep the peace.

We all apologize for trying to whisper sweet nothings in your ear. We must not have said them loud enough.

We're sorry for all the pet names and stupid jokes. It skewed the line between being real and being cute.

We're really sorry for when we were too sick or tired to see you. We really apologize for that, totally our fault.

We also apologize for not being one of those girls who think cheating is alright as long as they don't get caught. We figured the no cheating rule was alright, but we know now, so thanks for the heads up.

We're sorry for questioning your honesty. Oh, and we're also sorry for thinking twice every time you said, "Have I ever lied to you?" We should have known to trust you in the first place. I mean, why would you lie to us anyway? It's Preposterous.

We're sorry that we didn't hold your hand tight enough, or dress cute enough to be seen with.

We're sorry that we were always cold.

We really, truly apologize for falling in love in the first place. We didn't mean to, we swear, it just happened. We saw your perfect completion fit like a jigsaw puzzle with ours, and we're sorry that we ever thought it'd work out. We're sorry that you felt different in the end.

All nice girls don't finish last, but they always seem to get the silver metal. I, personally, am truly sorry for all those girls who were given that silver metal. I'm sorry if you wore it proudly and cried yourself to sleep, or if you never put it around your neck in the first place. I'm sorry if the silver leaked into your heart and coated it with the ugly metallic truth, only to be shattered on the ground in a million little pieces that you swore you could pick up. I'm sorry, girl, but you'll never be able to pick them up without slicing yourself on a razor-sharp shard. I'm sorry if your jealous of the one who got the gold metal in the end, because it seriously wasn't their fault at all. Don't think any negativity towards them or the ones that helped her win the gold, because it wasn't up to them. For all you know, she's an awesome person who just got caught in the middle of a competition you thought you were winning, or at least are suppose to win by default. She probably didn't even want to compete in the first place. Hell, it wasn't even suppose to be a competition-it was suppose to be a one-woman marathon, but it wasn't up to you. So don't get discouraged. For all the girls who have ever been lied to or hurt, I wish I could offer you a shoulder to cry on, because I'm still looking for a bed to break down in. For all you heartbroken girls,

I am so, so sorry.