What We Have To Show

Who wonders why you smile?
They wonder why I shine
Will they ever understand?
Ours is a gift of the divine

We wrote these words
We fuelled these lies
But the truth will unfold
It will rain from our eyes

What I have done for you and you for me
Only we can know
True clarity will elude them all
Setting us aglow

We will show the world all that we have
We will show them how to fight
We will show that we know
How to awaken each lonely night

Unveiling our secret whispers
Unleashing our buried desires
This story will finally take flight
Together we burn passion's fires

Lighting the wayward path
Pride and assurance are our birthright
Revelling in this playful abandon
There is nothing else left for us tonight

We will show them such delight
We will show the world our grace
We will show that I know
How to live in the magic of your embrace

We will show them that we know
We have always known
We will show them that we know
We know how to love