I want you to grow
A thousand hands to embrace me with
Touching every inch of me
Climbing my skin like a human tree
Silently telling me I'm beautiful

If I close my eyes
Touch the inside of my mind
I can pretend that you're pretending
That I'm close enough to feel
That you could brush past my exterior
And crash into my breath

But my fascination with imagination does not change
What is true and what is sin
The feelings and thoughts deep within the bones
Facts bolted inside my marrow like prisoners
The feet of my feelings dangling from their fatal noose

You could be my sunshine
In the way no one else could blind me
Tie me to the sun and burn my soul
Trace the images your love forms on my lips
Light me on fire and I would burn for you

The acid words taint my mouth
Eating away at my lips until my teeth are exposed
I'm trying to speak to you in hieroglyphics
Like I could make sentences from finger-paint pictures
But really it's as easy as "I love you"

And yet it's not
Nothing like this can be described in threes
Or eights or a singular amount of letters
Numbers put together to make it so

I'm slicing the air into little pieces
A million to be exact
Pushing them into my lungs
As if breaking the oxygen in between our mouths
Will move yours towards mine
Breathing in the spaces turned to kisses
Tasting away your wicked satisfaction

The falling leaves have turned to snowflakes
I must have blinked away my passions into seasons
My hands have turned to cold stone
Medusa's eyes must linger on the back of your head
Staring mercilessly at me as you look away
Leaving me alone in my ocean of white

I long for you
But there are no apples in this Eden