For the record, this one is actually true. Not just based on random ramblings of my rambunctious imagination.

God I miss this... so I was a little more reluctant to put it back up here... but I don't see a specific reason why not to. "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." The cheesy truth, yes?

Playing Tag with the Sun

Your eyes
Are labeled in smeared indigo ink
By most lazy, blunt, unobservant people
As "blue".
But I know better.
You asked me once
What color they were.
Do you remember?

Lying on cool concrete
In front of a flashing projection screen
As the flickering movie talked at us all,
But no one was really listening.
I had snatched the envelope
With your school pictures in it
From your
Unconvincingly resisting hands.
And you asked me...
What color I thought your eyes were.
Told me I had asked you
Enough questions about colors
That you were allowed to ask one.
Were they blue?
Or green?
Or gray?

I watched the face
On the glossy paper for a while
And watched the images from the screen
Go dancing in deformed shades across your
Frozen photo.
Trying to avoid your teal gaze
That I knew was directed at me,
Your nose inches from my face
I'd like to think that my expression was
Carefully controlled
As steam in a boiling kettle.

And with every intention
Of giving you an straight answer,
I turned my head
And met your teel gaze.
It was like having looked
At a yellow crayon drawing
Of the sun,
And then looking up into the sky
And going momentarily blind
From the sheer brilliance.

I've never seen a blue like that.