My soldure marching into battle

With his mind

My sodure hurting not from wounds

But on the inside

My soldure willing to die

For this country that's given him everything

But all he can think about

Is all of his post-war dreams

He didn't have to inlist

He didn't have to go

He could have had a family

He could have had a home

He could have had his children

He could have had a wife

He could have lived in happiness

And avoided all his strife

We didn't want him to go

I didn't want to cry over a good freinds grave

But he insisted

He wanted to protect, he wanted to save

"Everyone must die someday

It's only how and when"

That is what he said

When he left again

He wanted to die for someone

That had less than he

He wanted us to understand

He wanted us to see

But it's hard to see it now

As I cry my bitter tears

He said that he wouldn't live

All those many years

I didn't want to listen

He was still just a boy

Cocky and ready to go

But he knew his gun was not a toy

He didn't want to kill

But he had to kill to save

And now I'm leaning over

One of my true friends graves

And my soldure marches into bullets

That are meant to take his breath

And he faces so willingly

What he knows is death

Just to save a life

Of a child he doesn't know

He didn't have to inlist

He didn't have to go...